Co-living : The New Cool

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Co-living arrangements occur when a bunch of people choose to live together and share a common residential structure.

Although the limitations on individual freedom of expression may be perceived as a downside, the trade-off for co-op living members is the enhanced social interaction and support that can be realized in the shared residence.

People opt for this kind of living mainly because they share common interests and requirements and nobody minds sharing that extra doze of booze.

Co-living is a new take on an old idea, imagined by a millennial generation that values things like openness and collaboration, social networking, and the sharing economy. This is exactly where they are thought of as being a huge blessing for Start-ups.

A lot of start-ups are coming up with projects to make sure that you don’t have to leave home for work. That’s interesting, isn’t it?

Co-living leads to shared costs among the members of the house which is what most people look for when they look for a place to live. You give up a normal work-life balance to eliminate your commute and live with all the amenities you need nearby.

Basically it represents an option different in significant ways from the traditional model of independent living in which single individuals or couples live alone, each in a fully self-contained dwelling unit. Co-housing communities supports residents in actualizing shared values among themselves.

In the end it does not matter where you live unless you’re happy.

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2 thoughts on “Co-living : The New Cool

  1. Coliving experience is one of the most unique experience one can have when they are living together..Although the person with whom you end up staying may not be the best but you start to adjust and they also know the worst of secrets..A coliving space also allows you to lead a social life outside office..

  2. co living is as revolutionary as you can imagine, the groundwork was always there, people living in hostels, sharing rooms and costs etc. But out in the real world, this concept took a lot of time to grow and be accepted by people. we followed the traditional path of brokerage for a very long time and did not opt for the no broker co-living model simply because there were’nt any significant efforts made for that. with this new concept, costs have never been lower and the amenities provided at that cost have never been higher.

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