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Digital nomadism, a relatively new concept, has been a victim of harsh scrutiny. It first sprung up as an answer to the question, “You can work anywhere you have internet, right?

For this fast-growing group of people in today’s technological world, co-working spaces have become the favorite spots because they offer everything required for getting work done like a stable internet connection, good speed, steady flow of electricity, serendipitous encounters with a community of like-minded people, who most of the times help you explore a whole new world and notice things which could have escaped the eye and ofcourse, who doesn’t like to get all high together.

Co-living isn’t exactly a new concept. It emerged a long time ago and has been gaining a lot of popularity lately. Digital nomads are no misers.

They don’t want to save money by always being on the go. They simply want to be able to do their work in a more convenient manner.

People want to meet others, to discuss things which ultimately leads to some cool ideas and so living and working together is not a weird thought anymore.

Another reason why co-living options might be more appealing to those looking to travel is because of the exorbitant prices of housing, especially in places like Europe and the United States.

In ancient times, most people refused to take digital nomads seriously. Now, of course, things are very different.

It had a big stigma back then of being on the move all the time. Today, making digital nomadism into a lifestyle that one can seriously consider pursuing is being thought of.

While the concept of working on-the-go used to raise a lot of legitimate questions, many of them sound more like excuses today, since resources and answers can be found at the click of a button.

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3 thoughts on “Co-living & Co-working : Digital Nomadism!

  1. This has made life a hell lot easier…Even finding a place on map or navigating has come on a finger tip..YOU don’t need to worry before going out to a place as you know that you have google maps to help you..With all its benefits and it has its own disadvantage as people are more engaged in social media rather than actually interacting…

  2. you have to be a fool to not acknowledge the growing importance of internet and how it has helped us in accessing information from virtually any geographical location, provided there is an internet connectivity available. work has become so much easier. and with that, came hordes of digital nomads. now they have arrived and the influence is starting to spread. and why should it not? they are gathering valuable experience by working in a non stagnant environment. more and more people will start adapting this lifestyle and we will all see how innovative and creative it actually is.

  3. today almost everything is just a click away. In any field, digitalisation has taken over its functioning. being uninterrupted and convenient, digital nomadism is trending in.

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