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If we talk about the human body what helps to differentiate between a corpse and a living being? LIFE FORCE.

What is a Life Force? Some will call it the soul and some energy. But, according to the Chinese, it is called Chi. Chi, as established, is part of any living being as their vital force. Chi is the factor which a living organism from a dead one. As a life force, it maintains the equilibrium of the body and its functions of all sorts. But phenomenon like Urban Loneliness disrupts this force and creates an emotional-physical disbalance in the body. This leads to a weaker Chi which in turn lowers the capability of the body and mind to cope up with the severe impacts of Urban Loneliness.

In our last blog, we mentioned how CoHo helps its community to battle Urban Loneliness and intends to work more on it dedicatedly. Right from infrastructure to community events, CoHo makes sure that you get the best of experience. Now just like a body requires a life force/Chi, we thought CoHo too needed its own lifeforce which will be CoHo Happiness Index (CHI). The intention behind the CoHo Happiness Index is to quantify happiness; strange but possible.


CoHo’s Chi isn’t just an abstract concept but a living example. Our community events are specially curated to incite the various interests of our residents, where they get the chance to do what they often don’t because of tight schedules. The idea is to incite every member to revive much ignored Chi inside them, work on it and develop a stronger Chi. We want people to see themselves as the most important project of their life, which in turn will definitely reflect upon their personal and professional front. This in total, makes them a stronger person both emotionally and physically.

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CoHo provides you with quality homes, community and hassle-free experience, so that you don't just exist but start living!

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CoHo Happiness Index : Chi
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