CBSE Results – Pack Your Bags, It’s College Time!

best-places-for-rent-in-north-campus-south-campusAfter an entire year of pestering guardians, sleepless nights and caffeine overdose – 12th results are finally out! CBSE has let loose its horses and we better hope that you have checked your scores and if you have not dealt with the heartache and the joy, we are here to walk you through the process. Don’t you worry, young child, we have listed out guidelines perfectly amalgamated with pep talk, subtly trying to remind you that this is a bittersweet phase that you only have to deal with once.

As the entire country sits there with their packed bags waiting to enter the gates of Delhi University, it is only fair that we address our young audience before we bid them farewell for their journey towards the best University ever! Trust us folks, this tumult is worth it because once you compile your mark sheets, fill up your admission applications and set foot into your adult life – you will be more than glad to move on from the studious lifestyle you have lived so far. So get your notepads out, cause without the shadow of a doubt, you need to know this now that you’re an almost adult preparing to enter the college life!

  1. First Things First: Check Your Results!

There is only so much we can emphasise on this prerequisite to shock, you ought to check your result from the only and the most reliable source out there. CBSE announced and uploaded its 12th final results on its website on 26th of May, 2018 around noon. Students can check their respective results by visiting the official website, selecting the link to their results , entering their roll numbers and voila, deal with the dard.

If you are unable to check your result on the website due to traffic, you may register on the google application: SMS organizer. With your details saved, it will notify you as soon as your results are out and you can check accordingly! Also, good news for your innocent minds – Microsoft has now partnered with CBSE to help you out with the results and their display. The process remains the same; all you need to do is save our details and your result will become visible and accessible! Say Whaaaa?


  1. Let’s see what the toppers have to say

Let’s all say hello to Meghna Srivastava who lost all but only 2 marks, out of 500 scoring a whopping 498/500 which for us mere mortals would be a percentage of 98.4!

You’d expect her to say how tirelessly she worked and slogged and was always into her books, but she had a different yet simple take on things-

“There is no secret, you just have to work hard and be consistent throughout the year. I never counted the number of hours I studied. My teachers and parents have been very helpful, they never pressured me.”


A former class 12th student and one of the most prolific and recognised face in the country, Virender Sehwag comes to the rescue of all the students, who well, might not be scoring close to the toppers-

“If any student is feeling sad because they did not score as many marks as they expected or any parent is unhappy, with their child’s performance, please don’t stress. You may speak to me here or watch a motivational video or visit a counselor, anything but stress. #CBSERESULT2018.” Indeed.

Top Performers across India institution wise-

It is a moment of pride for the aforementioned institutions, as CBSE has declared the top performers-

Kendra Vidyalaya schools have been the top institution across the country, their pass percentage is at 97.78

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya is a close second with their pass percentage being 97.07%

Central Tibetan Administration was standing tall at third with a staggering pass percentage of 94.82%

If you plan on having kids and sending them to school, those are your top three choices right there!

  1. The Admission Process

Now that the results are out and we are positive that all of you must have scored well and will be aiming for Delhi University, here are a few pointers for the same: you must get your documents such as your marksheet and your other identifications handy, read all the documents required and formalities needed by the college and Delhi University and be well prepared for an online or offline submission, fill in your subject details correctly and for the last bit, wait patiently as individual cut offs for courses and colleges is announced.

Needless t say, there is a lot to look forward to whether you get admission in South Campus or North Campus. The most popular college in South Campus would have to be Sri Venkateswara College and right opposite Venky as it is informally known, is the famous Satya Niketan. This market is full of cafes and stores welcoming students throughout the day and evening. It’s a young and lively place to spend three youthful years. For powerful women and intellectuals, there is Lady Sri Ram College, Jesus and Mary College, exclusively famous for their standard of teaching in commerce, science, and the arts.

Moving on to the big brother North Campus. North campus is the big brother as it is much bigger and offers a lot more on the educational front and otherwise too. Colleges such as Hindu College, Kamla Nehru College, St. Stephen’s, Hansraj College and Sri Ram College of Commerce are topping the charts year after year with exceptional results.  

Just a gentle reminder, we understand that the world is your oyster and if Delhi University does not work out, do not be disheartened, you have plenty of options to fish for, such as Amity University, other government institutions or IGNOU. So do your research, be prepared and good luck!


  1. Residential Crisis?

Although it at appear at first that to get admitted to this prestigious university called DU, we might have to be born in an era unknown where the cut off was achievable and relatively realistic – given this year cut offs that have gone as high as 100.75. And since we cannot find something to help our travel time, let us not be disheartened by this information. Even in these turbulent times, let us pack our bags, bind those marksheets, relish in our wonderful scores and make a list of all fun things that come with university life! And we are here to the rescue.

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Timings, safety, and other concerns tend to mess with the wishes of our childish souls. Don’t wallow about your stay during these brilliant academic years, our young readers. We come bearing good news. CoHo understands the predicament you might be in when you’re stuck looking for an affordable, homely and luxurious accommodation. You don’t have to look too far, little one. We promise you your best university life and your comfortable beds along with a security of a home. Pack your bags and let us help you adjust to this colorful world called university life.

You can now check out Coho’s residential dorms and villas near Delhi University. A dream that would be otherwise unaffordable, you can now add a pinch of hope to all your fantasies and look forward to the best years of your bachelor’s life!

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CBSE Results - Pack Your Bags, It’s College Time!
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CBSE Results - Pack Your Bags, It’s College Time!
After an entire year of pestering guardians, sleepless nights and caffeine overdose - 12th results are finally out! CBSE has let loose its horses and we better hope that you have checked your scores
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