Better Living: Art or Science

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In the quest for a better living we often find ourselves taking decisions and making choices about certain quantitative and qualitative aspects based on the constrains we are posed with. The dilemma that we are faced with in situations like these is whether the hunt for better living is an art or a science. Let’s shed some light on this enduring question and see how the detriments of better living transforms into an art or a science.

While taking the first step towards deciding upon a real estate we look into our pockets to see what we can afford and what we cannot.

The major decision always surrounds money. The bigger the budget the better facilities we can get in terms of size, locality and facilities.

The more we expand our willingness to pay, the more we are offered. But what about happiness? Can money buy happiness?

These days many of us will agree by the fact that yes it can. Without money you cannot survive. It is a prerequisite for happiness and one of the most crucial element which justifies the position that better living is a science determined on the basis of elements that are qualified as quantitative.

However let’s take a situation where despite the financial constraints people are living happily, enjoying the small wonders of life. Let’s take another situation where despite having all luxuries of life, people still crib about the fact that they are not happy.

Is it just big houses with huge rents that define the satisfactory symbol status of individuals? Of course it is not.

The community in which you live, the attitude of people that live with you act as a major factor in determining your wellbeing.

What’s the point of living in a posh locality that is filled with haughty and arrogant people or that is surrounded by the most polluted air?

The quality of life, companionships although non-existent during the first step of quantitative analysis, gain widespread momentum during the later stages.

The experiential living that we all strive for comes not just from quantitative aspects but equally from quality aspects.

It is difficult to categorise the disciple of better living in either of the two as it sheds equal light on the aspects of arts and science. Needless to justify more, it’s an amalgamation of the two!

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3 thoughts on “Better Living: Art or Science

  1. Both are equally important..Until and unless both are there life will be miserable..It’s like sugar and salt..Unless you add both the food remain tasteless..Similarly life without both Arts and Science will be meaningless..

  2. we can compare them by putting them as imagination and reality. Without imagination, man would have never reached for the skies. Without reality, they would have never left the ground in the first place. we need art to think beyond the box and to go beyond standardization and monotony while we need reality and science to make what we think possible.

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