Best Things to Do on Valentines Day

The time of the year to celebrate love, love and love – Valentine’s Day. A synonymous from chocolates to candlelit dinners to romantic thoughtful gifts, who doesn’t enjoy a nice, beautiful Valentine’s Day? People say it is love that makes them do crazy things and every year on this romantic day they are on extra pressure to live up to the hype. The last minute thinking is the most to do and the thought to live up to the expectation becomes a daunting task.

Whether you love it or hate it, it also comes to – Roses are red, violets are blue, Valentine’s Day is coming … and you didn’t think this one through.

Well, don’t you worry we have got a list of ideas that you might have forgotten to pick up and take the stress out of arranging a perfect date or a perfect gift especially living in the heart-throbbing city, Delhi and you know it not falling in love rarely happens. With Valentine Day coming up, we’re pretty sure that every love-bitten soul in the city is wondering what new they can do to celebrate their love in Capital City.

This day is the perfect one in a million opportunity to free your little romantic gestures shine. And who couldn’t use a chance to celebrate love in their life a little more?

  • Romantic getaways

Looking to surprise your partner with a vacation on your anniversary? Or just planning to set off to someplace quiet for the long weekend to rekindle your romance? Or is that the special Valentine’s week. Either way, a getaway is a perfect choice. It doesn’t get more romantic than this. 

  • Adventure Getaway

Adventure-loving couples should venture to the adrenalin getaways. Rather than swapping flowers and chocolate as a Valentine’s Day gift for a memorable close-to-home or far-flung escape, embark on a swoon-worthy trip to one of the adventure trail. Traveling has the power to reunite souls, and set the souls on fire with amazing moments, complete privacy from the humdrums of prosaic life, and starting everything afresh.

  • Rejuvenate with Healing Therapies/ Pamper Yourself with a Spa Treatment

Going out on a proper date can be an expensive endeavour. Plan a pampering at-home spa night for you and your partner for an inexpensive, indulgent date night. Take some time for yourself and your loved one, and indulge in these romantic spa treatments.

  • Cook up a pantry surprise!

If you have bit of cooking skills and you want your partner to know it – why not go ahead and make a smooth, yet a quick budget-friendly dinner with beautiful in-hand available pantry-raid recipes using on-hand ingredients and surprisingly tasty staples.

  • Organize a progressive dinner party.

Has the money has been a little bit tight in the house lately? The idea of dropping a big fat party when out of cash seems stressful? Why not organize a dinner party with your couple best friends and make it the day of the year for not only you and your partner but your partner in crime too. You can also take your girl on a special Valentine’s day date at the comforts of your house and space.

  • Make beautiful music.

You’re heard the saying, “Making beautiful music together.” We know this is an analogy, but we actually believe that music can teach us a lot about a successful relationship. Let’s first look at the notes themselves. Like any relationship, there has to be balance. There are times when notes should be in sync, creating a strong melody, but there are other times when some of the notes will go high, and it sounds far more beautiful for other notes to go low.

  • Recreate one of your favourite dates.

Craving for some fairy-tale romance? Don’t wait for your partner to plan something special for you, take the reins, take the lead and arrange the evening of your dreams yourself. You may also plan a candle light dinner date with your tastes in mind, but if you want to make it special for him, you must tailor your plans to suit his interests and needs.

Getting adequate time for each other opens up mature communication, builds intimacy and even strengthens your bond, which in turn might lead to a perfect marriage decision. A perfect way to understand your life and future on special Valentines.

  • Go for a long drive

A place where you know you can relax and enjoy after a long and wonderful couple road trip. Space yourself well and do some research on the Valentine occasion. There may be times when you are driving and your partner might want to catch up on some sleep, or they might just want to enjoy the sight and listen to some music. Go on a long journey ride, be little ridiculous and go along with a fabulous way to unwind, relax and infuse some romance in your relationship.

What do you want to do this Valentine or do you have something else in mind?


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Best Things to Do on Valentines Day
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Best Things to Do on Valentines Day
The time of the year to celebrate love, love and love - Valentine’s Day. A synonymous from chocolates to candlelit dinners to romantic thoughtful gifts, who doesn’t enjoy a nice, beautiful Valentine’s Day?
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