LSR Societies to join for the best college experience!

COHO BANNER lsr1) Dance Society

The Dance Society is easily the most glamorous society there is. But don’t be fooled, it requires rigorous practice and the competition is probably the fiercest of all societies. Their annual production is a much-awaited event.



  2) The Dramatics Society or the Dram-Soc

If you love the thrill of being on stage to bring alive stories, this is the place for you. The society is respected for churning out thought provoking-plays and have won many accolades.

Everything from the screenplay to the lighting is handled by the students themselves making it perfect for those who missed their calling at NSD.



3) The Indian Music Society

Responsible for the melodious tunes that fill the college hallway, its members have enthralled audiences at all major functions. The IMS is known for its high calibre singers, with their alumni gracing national stages.



4) Western Music Society

Saying that the WMS is versatile would be an understatement. From jazz to blues to pop to renditions of your favourite Beatles songs, they can do it all.

For all you Pitch Perfect fans, this society specialises in acapella music. If you ever go to a DU fest, make sure you do not miss out on their acapella performance.



5) Hive

Hive is a fine arts society and one of the best in Delhi University. Teaching obscure art forms like Madhubani to holding exhibitions to highlight forgotten styles, they are at the helm of affairs.

They are responsible for the beautiful artwork that can be seen on the walls of the college.



6) Projekt

Projekt is for all the cinephiles and budding Steve McCurrys out there. The film and photography society at LSR is an extremely active society which will introduce to the nuances of cinema and photography.

Between screenings, competitions, photo walks and shooting the college film, they will keep you busy all year round.



7) Expressions

The literary society is a close group of bibliophiles who are keen on understanding literary texts. It provides a space for budding writers to hone their skills while being mentored through collaborations, guest lectures and screenings. Don’t miss out the Book Club of the society.


Conceptual Books


8) Public Speaking Society

The society has three branches- English debating, HIndi debating and the Model United Nations. Diction, expression and conviction, they will all be tested on this stage.

The teams have gone on to bring accolades on both national and international stages. With no room for error, the society is one of the strongest societies in the college.



9) Prakriti

The environmental society at LSR is an active space for addressing environmental concerns. Starting from the planting of your sapling on the first day of orientation to highlighting the importance of nature, they do it all. 



10) Women’s Development Society

The WDS is an open forum for discussions on gender and its implications. It was set up to allow young girls to express themselves in a safe and conducive environment. The society routinely organises seminars and conferences to highlight serious issues.



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LSR Societies to join for the best college experience!
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LSR Societies to join for the best college experience!
If you're confused about what societies to join in LSR, we are here to tell you which ones are must-join for a wholesome college experience!

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