The Best Of A Bengali Roommate

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Bengalis are extremely well known for their sweet tooth but sweeter than that is the happiness that they would bring in your life. They are extremely proud of their culture, food and literature and they will bring all that pride and enthusiasm to the house making you fall in love with their Bengaliness. So here are a few characteristics of a Bengali roommate that you will grow to adore:

  1. Fish Love – There is nothing in the world that a good fish curry and rice cannot cure. The panacea to all problems, if there is an issue you both can’t resolve a fish can fix it better than a conversation.
  2. Mishti Boli – The sweet tooth probably percolates to their tongue. Bangla language with its characteristic Bengali tone is so sweet and pleasant you will never know when they are yelling at you.
  3. Daak Naam – If you want to embarrass them all you have to do is ask them their daak naam. Motku, Gablu, tutu, bhonda, if it doesn’t make them squirm they probably slept through their childhood.
  4. Durga Pujo – They will probably mark the calendar for Durga Pujo as soon as the new year calendar arrives.
    The dress hunting will start months before hand making you feel like the entire year is just a precedent for those exhilarating six days.
  5. Eating a Rasgulla – You will find out that you’ve been eating Rasgullas wrong all your life. Throw out those bowls and spoons and pop in a rasgulla or sometimes three all in one go.
  6. The Da Syndrome – They will talk about Satyajit Ray and Rabindranath Thakur with so much intimacy you’d think they were first cousins.
    After a while you’ll know that Da is more often than not one of these two and not their actual brothers.
  7. Fuchka – Fuchka in other places is nothing less than sheer ‘shorbonash’ and you will find them trying to roll their tongue around and digest that other people choose to call it gol gappa.
  8. Love For Art: Last but definitely not the least, art run in their veins. From music to painting to literature, you can be certain that your roommate has definitely excelled in one or more of those art forms!

A Bengali roommate is truly a delight and at CoHo you can easily find roommates from different parts of the country who make your residential experience richer and more beautiful.
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  1. Well, i am a Bengali myself so you have to ask my roommates about how a bengali roommate is…But one thing for sure..They are simply awesome…

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