5 Reasons Why Kamla Nehru College Is The Best!

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Students going to Delhi schools do everything but succumb to stereotypes of the ‘talkative, silly brat’ kind; which has been the root cause of engendering a feminist sensibility that defies and relentlessly challenges patriarchal societal structures.

And KNC proves to be one such college that helps remind the society that there’s so much more to a woman than being a ‘chick.’

Kamla Nehru College tells us why South Delhi campuses make girls happy:

  1. Liberalism

It’s a matter of pride that one such college that promises to uphold strong values that accompanies women with a high intellect is Kamla Nehru College.

One of the best colleges in Delhi for women’s education, Kamla Nehru College continues to be an exemplar, THE place to go if you want to be free of preexisting sexism and annoying idiots, and let your wings be empowered, as a woman!

Founded in 1964, and located in the heart of South Delhi, it shares its walls with Gargi College, and you often find the campus being crowded with Gargi di kudiyaan.  ‘Cause well, we all know where to get better food from. -Rolls eyes-


  1. ‘Concoction’, South Campus’s IKLAUTA theatre fest!

One of the most spectacular things about this college is the annual theatre fest which happens to be the ONLY theatre festival that is independently organized in all of south campus! It’s an eternal win for the girls here. No wonder they bask in glory and pride, that’s one achievement that other colleges have failed to imitate. Way to go!

And if that wasn’t enough to feed the narcissistic self, the students organize this 2- day event walling off any authoritative contributions. How’s that for power dynamics, old people? Not so childish now, are we? Time for a hair flip!

Besides the theatre society: Lakshya, the college has different societies that entail interests of all different artistic communities and it’s undeniably wonderful to have a culture that supports the calling of your soul.



  1. Chaupal

Students’ beloved amphitheater, one of the ‘go-to’ spots in south campus is talk of the town for the street plays performed there. If its capacity for bearing and honing talent and spreading smiles wasn’t enough, the shade covers the rest!

Ask someone who goes to Kamla Nehru about it, and they’d inform you in an almost exhilarating tone that it is what they love most about that college. You can spend hours gossiping away in the Khuli Hawayein that the hang out spot imbibes. Even during the summer days! And what’s better than your loved ones and some cold coffee?



  1. A delight for the tummy!

“Ek Aurat ke dil ka rasta uska pet se hota hai!”

There’s no disaster comparable to the one in the canteen when all you get is SABJI- ROTI that leaves you with an unhappy stomach, and even worse: a frowning heart.

Dontcha fret, hungry mammals. In order to save us all the misery, admission to Kamla Nehru College comes with the perks of having 3 eateries as your options! YES, THREE!

From the absolutely indomitable Shahi Paneer and Naan that you can get for 30 rupees (gotta bless government funding!), to the endless variety of shakes to complement your Aloo tikki, this place is nothing less than a paradise.



  1. The Faculty

It’s exceedingly rare to find students who actually praise their professors and the academics wholeheartedly (cause duh!), even rarer to find students who adore their professors!

 But as surprising as it may be, you talk to someone who has been taught by the incomparably smart faculty that the college flaunts, you’d know it’s true. From English to Psychology, the faculty inculcates an academic tone that has students jazzing to the sound. So honestly, is there anything that you could possibly dislike about this place?



Boredom is a myth, sweet child of mine! This college has got your back! Keep counting the number of events and opportunities that fly your way and you’ll lose count. From masti to intellectual genius.

It’s the best of both worlds! And let’s not forget the anti-depressant qualities GK- M block promises, we sure do know how to rock those dresses and heels that make you swoon in HKV and Green Park!

The only thing that can top this is if you don’t have to leave your fantastic college for a cramped PG room that’s draining your pockets, or a long metro ride home.

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5 Reasons Why Kamla Nehru College Is The Best!
Article Name
5 Reasons Why Kamla Nehru College Is The Best!
Kamla Nehru College has got your back! Keep counting the number of events and opportunities that fly your way and you’ll lose count. From masti to intellectual genius. It’s the best...

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