10 Reasons to Wear Loose Pants: Best Eating joints in North Campus


Every Delhi University student knows that the shaan of North campus lies is in the heart of Hudson Lane, pumping enough appetite to satisfy the famished student’s heart. We know how irresistible all those coloured doors are and how you’re perpetually driven towards confusion – endless options to choose from, who can blame us?!

Located right next to GTB Nagar metro station and Vishwavidyalaya metro station, north campus comes with a gazillion options for the foodie inside. Walking distance from famous Delhi university colleges; St. Stephen’s, Miranda House, Kirori Mal College, UILS, Ramjas College, Hindu college and SRCC, it is a pure delight to be a north campus student!

We’re here to ease that process with this list of some of the best eating joints in North Campus; unbutton those jeans and go find some respite from those tiresome lectures!

1. Rico’s – Hudson Lane

This one is a personal favourite for pretty much everyone residing in North Delhi. From cuisines ranging from Lebanese to Chinese, Mexican to Italian and American, this place continues to offer an exquisite menu that promises to make your tummy real, real happy. Barely costing 600 rupees for two people, this cafe feels like a joy to the sulking pockets of a college student!


2. Big Yellow Door – Hudson Lane

Indeed a tiny and quirky entrance to an eating joint, Big Yellow Door is the talk of the town and has maintained that status since its foundation – with its burgers and pasta being unbeatable, students swear by this cafe as their number one. Regardless of what time you visit, you’ll have to wait a couple of minutes to find a table, such is the popularity; though totally worth it! And what’s better than great food and an amazing ambience? Low pricing! A full-fledged meal would only cost around 700 for two!


3. Cafeteria and Co. – Hudson Lane

Undoubtedly, the best desserts in north campus, this cafe makes the go-to for groups of friends and even families. A brilliant menu that offers dishes from all cuisines, cooked and presented to perfection – merely looking at those dishes kills one (not literally, no.) Falling in the same range of 500-600 for two, we exhort you guys to go to this one especially around dinner, and don’t forget to order the Peri-Peri chicken and berry shake!


4. Burger club – Hudson Lane

If you want to have burgers like no other, packed adorably in a holder (yes no more slipping veggies and dressing stains!) and a purple box, you need to try this joint out. Chicken breast pieces beautifully wrapped in the best of dressings and toppings, you’re going to fall in love with burgers. Costing around 300 for two, this place is the perfect hangout spot for best friends catching up on burgers and coke.


5. Yumchi – Vijay Nagar

If Asian is your gut’s calling, we recommend this one! Mouth-watering Thukpa and momos, great Chinese food and wonderful Italian: you have a lot of options to pick from. Costing around only 500 for two, this – rather new – Asian house is great for everyone looking for a much-needed break from the dominant north Indian masale.


6. Echoes – Hudson Lane

You know what calls for a perfect date? Some live music, continental (yum!), game screening, and free wifi (just at the off chance of your date being a dud). There’s another thing that makes it nothing less than splendid: realisation that the place is entirely run by differently abled staff! Costing around 600 for two, this place has all our votes and all our awws for this beautiful concept and great food.


7. Cake Bake Shake – Vijay Nagar

The newest entry to the endless list of cafes in GTB Nagar, this one stands out for its wide range of unique desserts and exceedingly toothsome shakes. Costing around 400 for two, this is the perfect spot before you head back home from a tiring day. There’s absolutely nothing that some succulent dessert can’t fix. We’re drooling all over just at the thought of it.


8. Roll Corner – Vijay Nagar

Costing only around 300 for two, this joint offers enumerable rolls to choose from, beating all the hotshots of the rolling (pun intended) business, this is the next favourite for students. From Chinese rolls to tasty shawarmas – you’re not going to be disappointed with these huge-ass Kathi rolls.


9. Hunger Strike – Hudson Lane

YES, dear friends! Hunger Strike has made its way to North Campus. No more travelling to south Delhi for those irreplaceable tandoori momos. Costing around 400 for two people, you get massive momos, the best of their kind in the entire city!


10. Taxi Bar and Cafe – Vijay Nagar

What sort of a Delhiite does it make you if you don’t have a good drinking capacity? A straight-up cheap joint that comes with a this-is-where-I-belong-with-my-homies ambience, we would recommend it for your Saturday night escapades. Costing around 700 for two, ought to make your Punjabi liver happy.


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10 Reasons to Wear Loose Pants: Best Eating joints in North Campus
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10 Reasons to Wear Loose Pants: Best Eating joints in North Campus
Every Delhi University student knows that the shaan of North Campus lies in Hudson Lane, and we are here with a list of the best eating joints in North Campus!

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