Best areas around North Campus for DU students

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Delhi University is a proper cosmopolitan. Students, from all across the nation strive to score a 100% in their board examinations so that they get an opportunity to be a part of the Delhi University.

But getting into your desired college is only one part of the struggle. The real struggle is find a place to live at (if you’re not from Delhi), adapt to the new life. Sure, you all have done enough research on your favorite colleges, why not do a little research on the best areas of North Delhi for students. After all, you need to find a new and comfortable home for the next three (or more) most memorable years of your life.

Here’s what we found for you:

  • Kamla Nagar

Kamla Nagar is always the most favourite destination for DU Students. Those students who don’t get hostel accommodation first head towards Kamla Nagar to find their new home in the city.

There are great eating places all around the market. You can have everything – from delicious momos to amazing biryani, from samosas that will make you miss your home to honey chilli potatoes.

You can also head to Sparx Mall in Kamla Nagar which is home to more great eateries like Starbucks and Cafe Coffee Day (CCD). So here you can enjoy your late night shopping as well as satisfy all your food cravings.

  • Shakti Nagar

Shakti Nagar is a neighbourhood situated along the G. T. Karnal road and very near the north campus. So the nearest metro station would be Vishwavidyalya Metro Station. The nearest market would also be Kamla Nagar Market for you to spend your evenings and spare time.

  • Model Town

Model Town is famous for residence of Punjabi Community but it is also popular among students. As it is well connected to metro by Model Town and Azadpur metro station and near to the North Campus, students prefer to live and stay in this locality.

Here you can enjoy the best of Punjabi cuisine as well as street food. Model Town has well established residential colony which provides a relatively better environment for living and study.

  • Vijay Nagar

Vijay Nagar is another hub for DU students. Here the rents and living expenses are comparatively lower. Vijay Nagar is well known for providing very economical PGs to students. It is also well connected to metro by GTB Nagar Metro Station.

Vijay Nagar is also a home to many good restaurants like The University Bistro, Phonebooth Cafe, Big Yellow Door, Cafeteria & Co. etc. Their specials to die for and every Delhi University student swears by them. Here, you can taste different cuisines from street food to Chinese, from BYD’s cheese bomb burger to Gobi Manchurian.

  • Kingsway Camp

Kingsway Camp is well known for lavish residential area, Greeneries, restaurants. It is the place to be if you want to enjoy mouth-watering and finger licking delicious foods on  a budget. QDs, Ricos and Samrat are every DU student’s hangout spot.

  • Hudson Lane

Hudson Lane is also quite popular among students. It is well connected to rest of the city by DTC buses and metro. This area offers a range of accommodation options. You can choose your own according to your budget.

Also, if you do manage to get an accommodation here, you HAVE to try YOLO 21 and tuck into their special pizzas, pasta and banofee pie. It’s a perfect place to try out with new friends.

  • GTB Nagar

This is another favorite of the DU students. Living here is packed with convenience. Everything you need is right there. Most people head to Big Apple to get groceries, or better order online. Someone you know would put up in GTB Nagar, and that would give you reason enough to go exploring the amazing places.

Make sure to try out QD’s restaurants’ tandoori momos and Tom Uncle’s maggie and Tea Trails! Apart from these, there are also many late night eateries to satisfy the late-night-study-sess-hunger-pangs.

  • Malka Ganj

Just falling near many of the reputed College of DU like Kirorimal, Hansraj, Ramjas and Hindu College, Malka Ganj is another favorite hotspot for student to stay. Living in Malka Ganj does not only save your time but also gives you a feeling of staying in hostels.

Due to the swarm of students, you can enjoy a night life here. Kamla Nagar Market is very close to this place, so you can also enjoy shopping and eating different kind of foods at amazing cafes.

  • Patel chest

Be assured, you would be traveling to this area a lot! This place is very close to Vijay Nagar. And why would you have to come here?

This is where you get all your stationery. ALL OF IT! You can get your notes Xeroxed for just 50 paise per copy. With colour printouts available for just Rs 5 and B&W for Rs 1 per page, these shops do business even during vacations. If you don’t have time to type your project then get it typed, printed and bound here at affordable prices.

  • Old Gupta Colony

This is a hub to classic burger points, and those who have tried know of the burger point I’m talking about. The nearest metro station is GTB Nagar or Model Town. This is a place to be if you want to enjoy all the perks of the DU life, and not stay in the middle of all the humdrum.

  • Civil lines

A wonderful area to be in!! However, not as student like as the other areas we mentioned. Here you’ll find nice apartments and convenience stores, but not a lot of students. Location wise, you’ll be well-connected with the Civil lines metro station to your college.

If you do happen to get a place here, paying a visit to Majnu ka Tilla gurudwara is a must! Picture this: winding alleys, cool breeze blowing in your face, faint echoes of Dalai Lama’s preachings, graceful Tibetan ladies in their traditional attire selling momos in the courtyard, vibrant colours, prayer bells. A smaller, condensed version of Dharamsala!

So, aspirants of Delhi University, now that you’re over with your hard work to get into the best university of the country, I’m sure you can’t wait to start your new life.

Now that we’ve narrowed down the best places for you to spend the best years of your life, you can also look for CoHo Dorms (managed flats & PG in North Campus) in these areas that are fully furnished and equipped with all amenities to make your college life easier and more fun! We hope you make the most of these years!!


CoHo provides you with quality homes, community and hassle-free experience, so that you don't just exist but start living!

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Best areas around North Campus for DU students
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Best areas around North Campus for DU students
Delhi University is a proper cosmopolitan. Students, from all across the nation strive to score a 100% in their board examinations so that they get an opportunity to be a part of the Delhi University.
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