Benefits of studying foreign languages from DU

Bonjour, copains! We are sure you must have heard about the tens of thousands courses that Delhi University offers. After all, a clarion call by the nation for an excellent education cannot go unanswered. BUT, our sweets, were you aware about the languages they teach and train you in at DU? Nuh-uh. Prepare to be baffled by the huge list that Delhi University proudly displays each year, cause a substantial part of that list is ze language.

Delhi University, being the genius mother of all institutions, opened its gates to students to enroll in the part-time language courses an era ago. Well, truth be told, everybody fancies a bilingual. We know we are correct because these are the courses that come in handy when you plan your free of cost masters in Germany or a summer school in France. It cannot be denied that as Indian academics we’re not only fluent in Hindi or English, but often carry a taste of regional languages that we’ve picked up over the years. Since our intellect remains unchallenged in the world, it would be a shame if we didn’t dip our adorable (and just) narcissism in the sound and words of yet another glorious nation.  

Although we cannot emphasise how great that works out for undergraduate as well as postgraduate students – given the allure of art and the tinge of capitalism, let us explore the reasons why you need to sign up for one of those! (Warning: Meeting enchanting firangs is not one of them)


  1. Delhi University is a Hot-shot

The coolest part about going for a course offered by Delhi University is its name in the world. All course taught at DU colleges are not only internationally recognised, but also frantically sought by thousands of students. The number one benefit of studying a language at Delhi University is its validity. You go anywhere in the world, and people are going to appreciate that sassy French for sure. QS ranking with its screening eye has awarded DU the 81st rank in Asia; it is also ranked 39th amongst BRICS and 441st in the world. That’s pretty neat for our wonderful sarkaar. No wonder students fly to India for undergrad!

  1. Eh… Easy On the Pockets?

The language courses are available as both full-time and part-time. If you’re someone planning to work as a translator or lecturer, the university offers the courses at both undergraduate, postgraduate, M Phil and Ph.D. levels. And if you fall under the category of those who seek greatness and fabulousness, do not delay signing up for the certificate course!

The part-time course is offered as a diploma, advanced diploma and certificate course  by the Department of Germanic and Romance Studies (GRS) and Department of Slavonic and Finno-Ugrian Studies (SFUS.) Together, these departments with their uber cool names have made it possible for students to study French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian and Polish. Whew – quite a list!

These courses are available to Delhi University students only, which means that if you’re already enrolled in undergraduate courses but wish to take up an add-on, just sign up at the college you like! One of the perks is that you get to pick your own college; most colleges in North Campus and South Campus offer language courses. Another perk would be of DU being a sarkaari university. Because of the funding galore, certificate courses barely cost 6K. IMAGINE!


  1. Obviously, the Professors!

Everything you have heard about Delhi University professors being the smartest and liberal is true. The faculty undergoes a pretty strict selection process. Naturally, the professors are not only fluent in the languages they teach, they adore those languages. So much so, that you might be left with nothing but the innocent desire to feel the same way these peeps do, their intellect commands respect … and an “aww.”


  1. No Admission Siyaape

You don’t have to appear or take any entrance exams for language courses. All you need to do is religiously go through notices for an announcement and apply without hesitation. You will require your ID proof, your academic certificates, marksheets and undergrad scores, if you’re enrolled. Once the process is complete, all you have got to do is patiently wait for the lists to come out.

Given the high number of colleges that offer these courses under Delhi University, it is likely that you will get through. The university lets out 2 to 3 merit lists before closing admissions. Fight the admission headache with these easy breezy process!


  1. It’s Part-Time!

The most attractive aspect of learning a foreign language has to be the flexibility. The ease of going to college for merely a few hours a week is a blessing for the undergrad who spends nearly 8 hours in a lecture hall. You all must agree. Every college holds these classes at different timings during the week, and it can also prove to be a helpful deciding factor for the college you might want to go to.

Why trouble yourself getting up at 6 when you can go for 2-3 hours in the evening instead, right? With this super flexibility, students can easily schedule their classes according to their undergrad lecture timings!

  1. Let’s You Pick the College

Feel free to consider all the endless factors pertaining to college admissions. With the help of DU colleges scattered all over and around north campus and south campus, picking the right college doesn’t always seem like a tough task. If you`re a north campus fanatic, you could apply to St. Stephen`s College – one of the best colleges under Delhi University. For someone who is situated in West Delhi, metro travel can be a pain. To avoid going to the main campus to learn a language, you could apply to SPMC or Keshav Mahavidyalaya.

Besides geographical and commuting concerns, every student must look into the fee structure of colleges enlisted to pick a decent college. Trust us, guys, all of this is going to come in handy when you’re able to come back home to a good night’s sleep.

                   7.  No Colliding Datesheets

Delhi University datesheets are set in such a manner that no language course clashes with the examination date of undergrad or postgrad courses. DU exams usually hover and shade the month of May for all courses. Language courses, however, are wrapped up by the mid or end of April to free the students of multilingual burden.

The qualifying exam of any language course comprises of three sections: Paper 1 that tests comprehension and grammar, Paper 2 that tests writing skills and Paper 3 that tests speaking and listening skills in the language. The first two papers are held in the same college as the one you have enrolled at, whereas, the final paper is taken at a different college.


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Benefits of studying foreign languages from DU
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Benefits of studying foreign languages from DU
Bonjour, copains! We are sure you must have heard about the tens of thousands courses that Delhi University offers. After all, a clarion call by the nation for an excellent education cannot go unanswered.
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