Being A Lefty In A Right-Handed World

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With only about 10 percent of the total population comprising of left handers, no doubt they have had weird encounters and hilarious moments in a world designed for the right-handers.

So let’s take a look at some of the awkward, funny and interesting things associated with being a lefty.

  1. Tools and procedures are designed without realizing difficulties placed on the left-handers:

Since the Industrial revolution, tools and procedures have been designed to facilitate use by right-handed people.

The most common being scissors, pens on chains in banks and right-biased tablet arm desk which are just impossible for left handers to operate.


  1. Lefty’s don’t get married that easily:

Baen haath se likhti hai ladki, iski toh shaadi nahi hogi”. In India where there are stereotypes for almost everything, how can the aunties leave left handers alone.

If you are a lefty, don’t worry about getting married, people like Barack Obama, Amitabh Bachchan, Angelina Jolie are proud lefties who are happily married.

  1. Left handers considered to be evil:

Black magic is sometimes referred to as the “left-hand path”. In many European languages, including English, the word for the direction “right” also means “correct” or “proper” whereas the Latin adjective sinister means “left” as well as “unlucky”.

  1. Awkward handshakes:

In case you’re a lefty, no doubt you have come across those funny moments when deciding to put forth your right hand for a handshake becomes your life goal.


  1. Lefties are smarter and more creative:

One of the most common myth associated with being a lefty is that they are considered to be more intelligent and creative.

Despite the fact that pioneers of creativity like Paul McCartney, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Charlie Chaplin have been left-handed, there is no scientific evidence to prove that lefties are more creative or smarter than their right-handed counter parts.

  1. Left-handed people die earlier and suffer more immune diseases:

Left handedness is not, in general, associated with an increase in mortality. A related myth, propagated by Geschwind, is that left-handers are more vulnerable to immune disorders.

However as per scientific researches left-handers show no systematic tendency to suffer from disorders of the immune system.

  1. Advantage in many sports:

No doubt left-handed people get advantage in many sports but the grass always looks greener from the other side. Lefties are debarred from playing Hockey, Polo and many other sports as well.


  1. Getting your hands inked everytime you write:

Even the most basic of tasks – writing is designed in a manner most comfortable for the majority of right-handers.

Since the initial stages having problems in settling for a writing style that is comfortable becomes one of the most difficult things to achieve for lefties. Trust me, my friend, the struggle is real!

And the list can go on and on. If you ever feel saddened by the fact that you’re a lefty just scroll through internet about the great personalities who have been left-handed. Well that’s a long list, my friend.

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  1. Even Sportsman Sachin, Sourav, messi and Actor Aamir khan is also Leftie.. Generally Lefties are intelligent and talented as well..All my left handed friends are extremely intelligent

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