Bathing Ritual!

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Hitting the shower in winter!

Watching Frozen during the winter season invariably leaves one asking a single pertinent question-the cold never bothered you anyway? Seriously! Even when you had been standing at the threshold of your bathroom unable to lift your foot and enter the shower?

Well it does indeed bother all the non animated people living in the real world. The bathing ritual is possibly the most excruciating part of the winter, almost three shivers ahead of stepping out of a warm blanket.

Nobody can see anyone through this painful process but there are a few tricks that can come on handy. Listening to adrenaline pumping music usually helps, you could pretend to be a rockstar dancing under sprinklers on the stage.

Massaging your body with hot oils warms the body making it easier to step in the shower. Instead of stepping directly into the shower you could also run a towel dipped in warm water over your body and then slowly pour water on your body.

You could also take the lazy bum’s way out of the ordeal and not bathe as long as you like. But it is particularly essential to take baths in winter.

The dirt stuck to your skin which would drip down with sweat in the summer continues to stick to your body until you wash it off with a good bath. A warm bath also relaxes your muscles and relieves those aching bones.

Curling up inside the blanket feeling fresh, clean and bathed is probably the best pleasure you can give yourself in winters. So just close your eyes, take the plunge and hit the shower.

It could be particularly annoying to find your geyser give up on you when you have finally decided to take that long postponed shower. At a CoHo house all household repair and maintenance is taken care of, so that your appliances never disappoint you.
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  1. Arrey Yaar!!!! Taking a bath during winter is a hell lot of task..You feel like let’s not get frozen in this winter..In the summer season the situation is completely opposite..and u feel like standing under the shower the whole day..

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