8 Reasons To Join A Society In Your College

Hey, students! We’re pretty sure you’re still blowing off your steam as far as the cut off lists are concerned. With the pressure dropping exponentially with each passing day, the storm of change is not too unanticipated. Wipe your forehead sweat, dear ones – we come bearing merry news this time!

We’re aware that Delhi University admissions are excruciating enough for your young minds, and we wonder why would anyone want to make more efforts to join and go through screening and be part of a college society? Who thinks about dancing and playing while targeted cut-offs are haunting our sleep day in and day out? Well, you’d be surprised!

If there is one thing Delhi University colleges and its students do well, it is partying hard. Every year, numerous fests are organised around boht North Campus and South Campus. With a HUUUGE crowd that attracts students from all around the country, DU fests are something nobody dares to miss. Can’t blame them, can we? And you guessed it right – it is extra-curricular societies and clubs that prove t be the very bloodline behind the carrying of this legacy. From theatre to music, math to quizzing, business to art – we could go on and on eternally. But you get the point, dontcha?

So, in order to do justice to our passions and prove allegiance to the charm that Delhi University is, we are going to share with you some exciting (and undeniable) reasons to explore and consider as you contemplate being a part of your University’s active societies.


  1. Fuels Your Passion

Let’s begin with some poetic adage like “everybody has an artist within themselves,” and contest its nature to be true, shall we?

Well, you could be a dancer, painter, musician or even a skilled debater – and that’s a pretty reasonable bet considering how much we love … everything but studies? Following the same line, it is safe to assume that the various societies that exist, pertaining to one’s liking and skill helps keep in touch with these young skills. Who would willingly give up on dancing under a spotlight?

Delhi University, luckily for you guys, is renowned for its cultural fests. As the name suggests, these are yearly festivals of celebration and joy for the students and faculty. Every college has its own version of fun and frolic and at these events, students from different colleges and their various societies come together and compete.

So not only does one get to do what they love, it also enhances their skills, and you get an award for it. Work it, Beyonce!



  1. Social Advantage

It is often seen that students who take part in events or are a part of societies, tend to have a socially rich and diverse interaction with other students and even students from various colleges and cities. As they all travel and compete against one another and always in the right spirit, it teaches them necessary life skills while practicing and showcasing their passion. Aw, how sweet is that?

Along with a host of friends from different walks of life, they gain experiences through crazy travelling, attending inter-college fests and welcoming (read: partying with) new people in their lives. Seldom does a young student get this level of exposure, and kudos to Delhi University for making it available to its talented chaps!

  1. Legit Career Option

A lot of students consider academics secondary and want to do something outside the ropes. The newer generation has seen an increase in musicians and artists of various forms. It is an absolute must for these students to be in the hunt for their preferred society, as they can enhance and hone the skills necessary to professionally live their dreams and aspirations. Isn’t that the dream, friend? Imagine a world where you wake up and get paid for doing what you love!

Now we know, Delhi University is not all about the books. -Wink, wink-


  1. We Just Want Attention

Did we mention that the students part of the various societies offered by Delhi University are in fact popular and happen to be role models more often than not for their fellow students?

We all know how Delhi University’s ‘Heer’ in the movie RockStar had the crowd from her own college and others roaring for her and cheering and standing in awe. And how in the same movie, another Delhi University boy ‘Jordan’, had the crowd in loud cheers when he strummed his guitar and let loose the melodious baritone!

Don’t we all want to be as popular, loved and cool? That would be the ideal college experience, if you ask us! The Societies give you an opportunity to do exactly that with a plethora of options to choose from, to suit each of your tastes. So let your talents loose!


  1. Spare Time

“Let’s go home” said no college student right after finishing classes. So what does one do once the daily churning of DU’s education ends? This is when being part of a society can come in handy and then some!

Most college society activities take place in the after hours of the college’s routine schedule. Which means, you’re officially allowed to stay back, hone whatever skills you need, and do what you love. This does not mean one can’t have a little fun; in fact, these practice sessions that take place once the college is vacated,  are the main source of not only learning but also the best college memories you might create.

Friends sharing the same passion and zest for improving come together and often times create magic!

One can even enjoy the practice session and times of other cultural societies. Heck, maybe even try their hand at a different art form! (Nostalgically sighs)

Nobody remembers their notes once they graduate.

  1. Well, It Is Free, You Know

Now, what if I told you, there is a magic place where you can be among peers practicing and sharing your passion and all that, for practically no cost at all? Unbelievable, right?

How about you give yourself that chance at Delhi University and experience learning and performing your skill without getting your wallet lighter? Well, it is not that simple either. You’d have to be a bunch of hard-working youngsters willing to enhance your society’s reputation and make a name for yourself, be it as musician, sportsman or dancer, etc., you get the point. Once you’re in control of these factors, sponsors will be willing to fund and further your requirements to perform and travel. Imagine how amazing and fulfilling would that be!

  1. Attendance Relief

Delhi University has a wonderful and lucrative way to reward students actively taking part in the college’s societies. Most colleges, if not all, offer respite through lowering attendance requirements or by giving grace attendance; they believe that students can have a little freedom to work and practice their skill without having the burden of classes all week. Aren’t you the lucky one now?

So a student can join their desired society without having to worry about the attendance rules. You know what that sounds like to us? No. More. Boredom.

  1. Never get bored

We all have heard and seen memes about college kids skipping classes because their friends and some classmates decided to sulk and miss college. Eh, so old school. Well, guess what? A student who is part of a society, never faces this issue. He/She is practically friends with more college students than the average joe. So friends and counterparts are never a few; no reason to even skip a single day of the fun and experience what Delhi University has to offer. After all, college is the time right before work and adulthood kicks in, why skip even one day?  


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8 Reasons To Join A Society In Your College
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8 Reasons To Join A Society In Your College
Hey, students! We’re pretty sure you’re still blowing off your steam as far as the cut off lists are concerned. With the pressure dropping exponentially with each passing day, the storm of change is not too unanticipated.
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