8 Hints That You Missed Out On From The Trailer Of Avengers: Infinity War – The Magnum Opus We’ve All Been Waiting For!

Yes, the time is near peeps! The day is almost here when the Magnum Opus we’ve all been waiting for so impatiently will be gracing the silver screens all across the world – Avengers: Infinity War! The first official trailer of this superhero giant dropped way back in November 2017 and ever since, has gotten us anticipating, thinking, and drawing conclusions. While the two minutes trailer overwhelmed us with the magnanimity of the events that are about to take over the Marvel universe – it also has many hidden messages within!

Well, we don’t blame you for having overlooked the hints that were so subtly dropped, because let’s face it, the sight of so many superheroes sharing one screen has gotten us all swooning! So, here’s dedicating to all you Avengers fans out there: 8 things you didn’t know about Avengers: Infinity War!

  1. Nostalgia giving way to ominous predictions


The trailer begins with Nick Fury saying “There was an idea,” as we shift from the image of an alien world to a ruminating and distraught Tony Stark (which is so not like the King of Sarcasm!). The scene compels us to think that the world’s in deep, deep trouble, and in dire need of its superheroes. Continuing Fury’s speech from the very first Avengers movie, Tony says, “To bring together a group of remarkable people,” as we see Dr.Strange and Wong, his fellow mystic, gasping over the fact that Bruce Banner, a.k.a. Hulk just crashed into the Sanctum Sanctorum through the roof. Taking the baton from Tony, Vision continues, “To see if we could become something more.” The scene now shifts to Thor staring into space from a strange spaceship stating: “So when they needed us, we could fight the battles,” followed by the Black Widow completing Fury’s speech saying, “that they never could.”

Through the numerous shifts of scenes and tones, we see that our superheroes are all gearing up for the war that looms large on all of us, the war against the power-hungry Mad Titan – Thanos.

  1. All’s not lost – Love and admiration are in the air!


Granted the setting might be a little too ominous and dark, however, love’s not lost for the Avengers. The trailer brings forth some rather interesting meetings between our beloved superheroes. First, the entry of Hulk in the Sanctum Sanctorum with a surprised Dr. Strange and Wong pondering over what just happened.


Then, we see a loving glimpse (momentary, but sweeeeeeet!) between the Scarlet Witch and Vision, hinting that something might just be brewing here.  And what’s better is that unlike the robotic form that we saw in the earlier movies, Vision is as human as he can get (only with the Mind Stone glimmering on his forehead)!

Finally, there’s the scene where Natasha, a.k.a. Black Widow meets Bruce Banner, for the first time after he took off in Avengers: Age of Ultron (our hearts are melting).

P.S.- Looks like Tony is calling on Cap, forgetting all that happened between him and Cap in Avengers: Civil War!

  1. Wakanda, forever!


Yes, there are many, many glimpses in the trailer that hint at the fact that T’Challa’s home, Wakanda is the base for an epic battle! In the scene where Natasha meets Bruce, what we see in the background is Wakanda. A lot of action is going on there as we can see T’Challa leading the vast Wakandan army in the fight against Thanos, with Cap, Bucky, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Falcon, and also War Machine (yes, he’s back!) in the background!


Also, probably Thanos is headed for Wakanda to gain control over the country’s Vibranium reserve. Or maybe Wakanda is hiding one of the precious Infinity Stones!

  1. Whaaaaaat? Is that Hulk in the Hulkbuster suit?

The trailer shows a scene where the Hulkbuster is seen landing in a way that smacks of a signature Hulk move! So, is it really Hulk inside the suit? Well, most probably, yes, because, (again shifting to the scene between Natasha and Bruce ), Bruce is seen to be standing what appears to be a severed arm of the Hulkbuster.

                    5. The rise of the Black Order

Nope, however powerful he may be, Thanos is not descending to earth without backup. So, he’s brought with him the solid team of his arch-henchmen and children (as stated in the comics), the Black Order! There are high chances that you’ve missed this hint as it’s only a glimpse in the trailer, but there’s a scene where a member of the Order (most probably Proxima Midnight) hurls a spear at a shadowy figure, who is none other than our beloved Cappy (he appears into the foreground from the shadows)!


P.S. – Cap’s bearded look is much more than just a sexy, smoldering new look (love eyes!). In the comics, Captain America is said to have become a Nomad post Civil War. But, circumstances as they are, Cap is compelled to come out of the shadows. For if not he, then who’ll lead the A-team?

  1. Wait a sec, who the hell is Loki handing out the Tesseract to?

In the trailer, we see Loki walking over the sea of dead bodies (presumably Asgardians) and in his hand is the Tesseract. He apparently seems to look up to someone while holding the blue Tesseract in his hands, with the scene immediately changing to Thanos’ entry through a dark portal. Also, if you can recall, in the first Avengers movie, Loki was supposed to retrieve the Tesseract for Thanos. So, does this mean what we think it means?

  1. Spidey’s got a shiny new suit!

Yes, in Avengers: Infinity War, Spiderman is all set for the war decked in his new (and very shiny) spidey suit! We saw this suit at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, and as all of you can guess it, Spidey will have some uber cool tricks up his sleeve this time, because come on, Tony’s the brains behind the suit!


Also, in case you missed, Peter’s spidey sense is in full swing in this movie, unlike what we saw in the Homecoming!

  1. Thanos already has two Infinity Stones!


Out of all the six Infinity Stones that lie scattered across the Universe, Thanos seems to have gotten two of them – the Space Stone (that powers the tesseract), and the Power Stone (first seen in the Guardians of the Galaxy). The Power Stone was actually hidden in an Orb that Ronan (Guardians of the Galaxy) was desperately trying to get his hands on. However, it Orb was handed safely to Nova Corps (Space Military). But now that Thanos has the Stone, it seems that his bloody hands have made it past the Nova Corps.


In the trailer, we also see someone trying to extract the Mind Stone from Vision’s forehead and the weapon used seems strikingly similar to Loki’s staff.

Could it get more mysterious? The course of events, the meetings, who’s onto what….ugh! Just so many questions still! Well, folks to answer all your questions, you have got to hold your horses until April 27!

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8 Hints That You Missed Out On From The Trailer Of Avengers: Infinity War - The Magnum Opus We’ve All Been Waiting For!
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8 Hints That You Missed Out On From The Trailer Of Avengers: Infinity War - The Magnum Opus We’ve All Been Waiting For!
Yes, the time is near peeps! The day is almost here when the Magnum Opus we’ve all been waiting for so impatiently will be gracing the silver screens all across the world - Avengers: Infinity War!
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