8 F.R.I.E.N.D.S characters that your roommate could resemble!

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They are not completely off the mark when they say fiction imitates life. Characters on T.V. are inspired from people the writers find around themselves.

So, maybe you haven’t realized but your roommate could closely resemble one of these characters from Friends.

  1. Phoebe – The one who will pick up stray animals from the street and bring them home.
    Chirpy and erratic, her high energy level could be particularly annoying on some days but on most she will add that little extra doze of awesome to your life.
  2. Monica – The one who always knows where the broom is. If it wouldn’t be for her every object in your house will probably look like something the cat dragged in. But you dare not spill juice on the floor she just cleaned or you shall have hell to pay.
  3. Gunther – The one who is a wallflower. You will always find him standing on the sidelines with a crush that is as old as his adulthood.
    He will rarely speak but as soon as he leaves, you will miss his presence.
  4. Joey – The one who can’t name the president. Happy go lucky with a devil may care attitude; he is the one who brings life to every party.
    Although he will also unapologetically finish every last piece of chocolate in the refrigerator.
  5. Chandler – The one who won’t shut up. He will tell you facts just as they are and the fact that truth hurts, completely eludes him.
    He will also stick around and support you when you need him but for your own good never ask him if you look ugly or fat.
  6. Ross – The one with the problems. He has a good job, looks good, and is smart enough but somehow you will always find him weeping over one problem or the other.
    He will make you feel better about yourself because somehow he always has it worse.
  7. Janice – The one with the loud laugh. Her laugh is the stuff nightmares are made of.
    She is sweet, kind and funny and once you get used to her you will adore how the laugh is always funnier than the joke.
  8. Rachel – The one with the great wardrobe. No matter how much you hate people who obsess over clothes and shoes you will find yourself salivating over her wardrobe. She will also end up becoming your go to person before every party.

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2 thoughts on “8 F.R.I.E.N.D.S characters that your roommate could resemble!

  1. Friends has just been so close to my heart..Till today if i watch it may be of the nth time it feels all the same…It still makes me laugh and some of the episodes are as hilarious as it can be…It becomes all the more fun when you watch it in a group with your friends as we keep on picking up the characters to which we resemble the most..

  2. chandler all the way!! he has definitely been my favorite character throughout friends . one of the reason being i am somewhat like chandler in real life. I literally cannot pass on an opportunity to make a remark or a joke. He might have his irritable moments but he always steps up when he is really needed. what a chilled guy chandler is!!

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