7 Unconventional Careers to Look out for in 2018

If you are someone not willing to settle down for the mainstream, you are going to thank us for this one, our dear weirdos. Students from all over the nation run and grind themselves for the brand that Delhi University is – make no mistake, it’s a pretty good one. But there is always someone who is far too unconventional to fall into the cesspool of the common. And for the crazy artist that slyly sits and reads this from behind the mask of the general, we dedicate this post.

So before you get all fussy about college applications and stringent career choices, pause and think through what you really desire. It is not only brave but absolutely cool, well, to be a travel correspondent or a dog whisperer, right? The options we bring to you are not only exceptionally creative and demanding, but are going to fill your pockets well. Imagine doing what you love and getting paid a hefty amount for it? Sounds like a dream to us. So, go through our list of all the mindblowingly fun courses and professional career options, and weigh your choices accordingly. We have a feeling you’d make a great tea-tasting-crorepati.

  1. Bachelor of Rural Studies

Gujarat, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh are few of those proud states that offer a course in rural studies. Bhavnagar University in Gujarat is famed for its bachelor’s as well as master’s course in Rural Studies. Get over the capitalism driven urban planning, the new move is to take a step back into the primary activities that built this nation. Leave your touristy cameras behind and let your mind wander to places far off in search of intersections and crossroads. Some of the courses that are part of the programme are:

  • Animal husbandry
  • Forestry
  • Farm Management
  • Child Development
  • Agriculture and environment
  • Management and Community Development

Who wants to spend their life staring into the concrete cityscape when there’s a greener alternative on the plate?


  1. Ethical Hacking

This has to be the coolest one out of the lot! Imagine getting paid lakhs for doing what could otherwise potentially land you in jail. You’ve got be a badass to pursue this one. Many a company hire hackers to fight security breaches and plausible threats. So, you indulge in your illegal escapades and you become a shehanshah as you do it. If you love messing with your friend’s facebook profile, are good with codes or just looove tricking the government with your genius, about time you put it to good use. It has got to be thrilling to say the least, and with some experience, it is safe to assume that you’re back home with some 10 lakhs or so.

If you’ve managed to stay out of trouble so far, you better start applying to a professional course; Indian School of Ethical Hacking and Institute of Information Security are two of the most popular schools for professional hacking. If you have some experience and need a certificate alone,  Arizona Infotech offers a 15 days course in Pune.



  1.  Spa Management… what?

We are more than willing to vouch for any and all Pheobes out there! What a serene existence it is; one that demands you to be a masseuse, a therapist, a smartypants and a gifted person all at once. Relish in the colliding aromas and fragrances, flavours and touch, connecting with a human spiritually and physically – and do that till the end of time! SIGH.

Just the very idea of a spa sends shivers down a spine; an environment and space designed specially to relax and unwind the pressure. One of the fanciest professions that often go missing when one sets out to look for courses. Spa training, however, offers a full fledged experience in spa management – from pressing the right muscles to managing the entire place by yourself. With a certificate in Spa Training alone, you can earn up to 10,000 a month. As you go higher up the ladder in terms of qualifications and experience, your income increases exponentially.

Still craving a Bcom honours, huh?

Check out Ananda spa institute in Hyderabad for an 8-months long diploma course in about 7 different areas. Orient Spa Academy in Jaipur is another option if you’re interested in a semester abroad. The academy has an alliance with a spa academy in Bangkok, which means that you get to go to Thailand! Imagine the breeze hitting your face as you work in a fancy resort on Phi-Phi. If that isn’t ideal, we don’t know what is.

For a sarkaari course, you can check out Annabel Spa Institute in Kerala. The institute offers a fully-funded Diploma in Spa Management for selected students. Wut?


  1. Tea Tasting!

This one ought to make it to the league of winners. Get paid 50,000 or so a MONTH for, well, TASTING TEA. Yep, that’s right. Tea tasting is a legit career and the people who pursue it are no less than gods. A tea sommelier has substantial knowledge about plantations and cultivation, and needles to say, a sensitive tongue that can pick flavours within seconds.
If you’re not an alien and realise that this is what you actually want to do till the very end of time, check out Birla Institute of Futuristic Studies, Dipras Institute of Professional Studies, Assam Agricultural University, Indian Institute of Plantation Management, The Tea Research Association, The Tea Tasters Academy and Indian Institute of Plantation Management, Bangalore for diploma and degree courses in everything chai!


  1. Gerontology

If you’re one of those kids who loved going for those ‘old-age home’ school trips, wondering how the human mind and body changes over time, this is for you. Gerontology deals with the various social, psychological and physical aspects to ageing. One of the most mentally and emotionally enriching courses, it offers the fundamentals that turn into the right grassroots from which geriatric psychotherapy and care emerges. A great beginning would be voluntary work at old age homes, care facilities, nursing homes, etc.

For proper training and qualification, check out Tata Institute of Social Sciences,  Institute of Home Economics, Ramnarain Ruia College and Calcutta Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology for diploma and degree courses in gerontology.


  1. Food flavorist/ Food Chemist

Is this FOR REAL?

Remember all those years that you spent in the kitchen behind your parent’s back, trying to formulate your own cocktails and puddings? Put all that experimentation to good use – because you get to do that as a job!

A food flavorist messes with various flavours and ingredients to birth one that tastes oh-so-good.

We love you, DU, but you lose here – this has to be one of the best professions in the world.

All you chem grads out there, how about yo make a shift from your tasteless chemicals and acids to this beautiful career of angels? If you harbor decent knowledge about aromas, plant extracts, essential oils and flavours, you’re all set to go. As you step into the field, you can expect a starting salary of around 15k, but with each added year of experience, you pay goes up and up.

Check out the courses at Indian Institute of Hospitality and Management, Mumbai; SRM University: Department of Food Process Engineering, Ghaziabad, UP and Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore.



  1. We Saved the Best For the Last

How many of our waking hours do we spend asking for attention from our adorable companions? How many times do we stop on the street, hoping to say hello. A fleeting touch, a pat, a little tongue and CUDDLES! We’re sure you have it by now, because if your tails are wagging reading this, you know what we’re talking about… *drumrolls*… PET GROOMING!

Imagine meeting EVERY PET in your locality on a daily basis for a few hours of love and pampering? A groomer ensures perfect health and state for those innocent, cuddly bears – from giving them a bath, brushing them to checking for any issues or changes. It’s the best job in the world, if animals make you all mushy. This uber-cool job is available to professionals on both parh time and full time basis.

If you’re interested in being trained for the same, Fuzzy Wuzzy (Aw!) Professional Pet Grooming School and Whiskers & Tails Franchise & Pet Grooming Academy, Mumbai offer Certification in pet grooming.

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7 Unconventional Careers to Look out for in 2018
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7 Unconventional Careers to Look out for in 2018
If you are someone not willing to settle down for the mainstream, you are going to thank us for this one, our dear weirdos.
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