7 Things You Should Avoid Doing on New Year’s Eve!

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The world of web is full of tips on what you should do on a New Year’s Eve. But it is also important to know what not to do so that you don’t miss out on the possibilities that the celebration offers. Here is a what not to do list so that you don’t have to spend the entire year regretting this day

1. Throw a New Year party in a messy house – You don’t have to obsessive compulsive about it but a clean and well decorated house will do wonders in keeping up the New Year spirit alive. Stinking food lying in the kitchen sink is definitely not an appetizing sight to start the year with.

2. Make a resolution list longer than your grocery list – Don’t be over ambitious and make a mile long list that would only end up in the trash.
Instead, take your resolution lists from previous years and go over them. If ‘sleep less’ is on every list you’ve made since you were 18 then it’s time to reset that alarm clock.

3. Call up your ex lover – Inebriated or not this is a complete no. As the year passes you by you will invariably feel nostalgic about the one that got away.
But the effort won’t do much except leave you with a bitter aftertaste, especially if the relationship ended with the two of you throwing slippers at each other.
If you do want to pick up the phone, call up old friends and relatives who have slipped through your fingers with time.

4. Forget to wish your parents – You might think they are busy sleeping but they always have one eye glued to the phone for your calls, particularly on special occasions.
A call from you will kickstart their year with a smile. So even if you can’t go over to meet them, wish them on the phone because no one is ever too old or sleepy for a ‘Happy New Year.’

5. Fall asleep during the countdown – If you are sleepy splash on cold water, if you are already sleeping force yourself to wake up because there is no point to New Year without a loud, adrenaline pumping countdown at midnight. If you sleep through it then you deserve to stay in the previous year.

6. Watch the news and see people celebrating New year in New York – Everybody knows that the Empire State Building looks beautiful when lit up with those magnificent colors.
But there is no reason why the fireworks on your terrace are any less fascinating. So shut the despicable TV down, have some real fun and let what happens in New York stay there.

7. Take too many pictures – If you have taken 100 pictures before the clock even strikes 11, then you know that somebody needs to hide your camera. Sometimes living the moment is more important than documenting it.

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3 thoughts on “7 Things You Should Avoid Doing on New Year’s Eve!

  1. There are so many things We did this new year eve which are really mentioned in this blog…Whatever left may be can be covered next time round..Point No 2 is done every year and nothing is followed thereafter..

  2. traffic on new years is such a pain!!!! Id rather relax with a few friends, than go to an over hyped club!!

  3. Haha.. resolution list longer than your grocery list .. so true. I make this kind of a list every year mentally but I have never been able to follow.
    I will try and avoid this in 2017.

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