7 Life Hacks To Help Survive Delhi University As A Fuccha


Welcome, little freshers, to the world of college students! Young adults, this transition is going to be beautiful as you learn how to take those steps towards college fests, hostels, canteen and occasionally, to the classroom. However praised and adored Delhi University is across the globe, there are certain aspects to a new introduction that affect every student no matter the college.

As you begin college life, you do not necessarily have to leave your school moods behind. Don’t frown kid, you will definitely feel blessed when your eyes meet the light at 10 am after sleeping at 3 am – it’s a pretty decent trade in, right? (LOLs indefinitely)

To make matters worse, add confusion, loss of direction, excessive use of google maps, landlord troubles and water shortage – welcome to Delhi! For freshers coming in to the capital city from other cities and towns, it can be a tough ride to go along with as they initially try and find a niche for themselves here, the overcrowded, polluted metro city we so love. But don’t you worry, little ones. We might not be able to replace your sibling fights or find suitable substitutes to your mummy’s kiss and food, we are here to help you skip a few of those discomforting hurdles with our hacks that will most certainly help make this transition smooth AF!



1. Look Around, Mark Your Territory

Once you are allotted rooms, lockers, hostels, lecture halls et al, make sure you use your olfactory senses and trace the paths that lead you to them. It is of utmost important that you scout your area, find the best routes to reach there and remember where you have to go lest you get lost (Replace lost with abducted… no, we’re kidding, maybe.) How this will help you further is that you will be able to gather and collect items you actually need, prepared beforehand as you land in unknown territory and whom to share it with. Remember folks, that’s how packs are formed- woof!

2. Fashion and Jalwa

As much as it breaks our hearts to say this, but remember: You do NOT need to get all your clothes from home. Optimise your wardrobe and carry clothes that work well with college wear – tank tops, denims and loose shorts; unquestionable in the Delhi heat. Evening dresses for occasions and Indian wear, whatever be your preference, just make sure you do not end up carrying clothes that don’t fit in your new cupboards. Delhi University is a chill place, and even chiller needs to be your love for your clothes! If nothing else, there is always sarojini, right?

3. Affirmative? No!

Repeat after us: you need to learn to say no. Practice those nos before you step out of your house. You need to tell your mum that you do not need that pressure cooker, need to tell your friends for a party you don’t want to attend in a shady area and say no to your flatmate when she talks too loud and asks for favours. And most importantly, you need to refuse your undying desires that require you to carry all your little prized possessions to your new home. Let’s make some room for newer collections, right?

4. Acquaint Yourself to Delhi

This is the fun bit, guys. Enough parenting from our ends! You need to step out of your new house and go for a stroll in and around your area, meet strangers who don’t come across as creeps, make new doggo friends and go sightseeing guys! It’s the capital city which also happens to be a historical wonder for your sore, strained eyes. Qutub Minar to Red Fort, you can plan out your weekends with one destination every week! It also helps you to know your way around, and DMRC app comes in handy with that. You will thank us when it is fest season and you will know the way to north and south campus colleges o your tips.


5. Learn to Know Your Campus

However odd that sounds, it takes skills to know your campus. And don’t take it for granted. You need to put in efforts to learn that skill. Most Delhi University colleges are pretty massive, and it takes some getting used to in order to not get lost. So put in that effort and find your way to the library, canteen, labs, lecture halls and most importantly, where your friends are.



6. The Very Obvious – Make Friends!

Yep, that is indeed the most obvious one, but most people forget. We understand your dukh and dard when you leave your own back home and find yourself in an alien space. But remember that time will mend your cracked heart and you will learn to be best friends with your old buds, and love the ones you meet. Your college bestie whom you need for proxy attendance, your canteen bud who always orders in time os you do not have to spend hours in queue, your roommate who knows all your secrets, and you party group, so on and so forth. They will all become a huge part of your life as you look back and associate the pleasant memory with Delhi University.

So take your time and amidst a crowd of acquaintances, find reliable souls that you might call your friends.

7. Residential Crisis?

Although it at appear at first that to get admitted to this prestigious university called DU, we might have to be born in an era unknown where the cut off was achievable and relatively realistic – given this year cut offs that have gone as high as 100.75. And since we cannot find something to help us travel time, let us not be disheartened by this information. Even in these turbulent times, pack our bags, bind those marksheets, relish in those wonderful scores and make a list of all fun things that come with university life! And we are here to the rescue.

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7 Life Hacks To Help Survive Delhi University As A Fuccha
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7 Life Hacks To Help Survive Delhi University As A Fuccha
Welcome, little freshers, to the world of college students! Young adults, this transition is going to be beautiful as you learn how to take those steps towards college fests, hostels, canteen and occasionally, to the classroom.
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