7 Hacks For Working Professionals To Utilize Travel Time


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With these few tips utilise your time most efficiently while travelling!

1. User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

One of the key interaction point for the companies in today’s world is their website (both desktop and mobile site) and mobile apps (Android, iOS, Windows).

Whenever we are stuck in traffic or having a long travel we can always use the time to test our company’s apps and sites to check the UI/UX experience and the flow of functionalities.

The testing will be useful to check on how the system works in adverse network conditions. For example, telcos have launched 3G or 4G (at few places) which provides high bandwidth and internet speed but many pockets in a metro also might not have continuous flow of 3G network.

People might be browsing in Hybrid or Edge mode. So whether our website or apps work seamlessly in those areas can tried and tested here. A product manager or coder or tester can utilize this time.

2. Up Prospects

People in the sales team, whether it’s B2B or B2C, always find a tough time in keeping records of what to do next or what happened in the previous call / visit.

The traffic / travel time can always be utilized to set up new meetings with the clients or some ongoing engagement.

We can also use the time to update our records on what happened in the last meeting and if there is a reminder required to be set for follow up or if comments have to be put up for reminding self in future on the key points from the discussion.

For example, I have to call back a person after 7 days then I will put up a reminder for that.

3. Read mails and other communication

We generally tend to read only very important mails or piece of communication which is on the go required for operations which leads to many mails getting accumulated in to the unread category.

Many of us just select all of the mails and mark them as read. We also mute few threads on channels like Slack, Trello, WhatsApp.

It’s a good practice to follow only the required channels and threads which is of use. But it keeps us unaware of many other happenings which might be going across the organization.

As example, some reports which give an idea of Sales performance might be skipped by the operations team or some discussion which has started for a new tech product will not come to notice till the time it’s launched.

So a traffic time is a good time to clear those unread mails after reading them and understand what’s going on around.

4. Get new marketing ideas

Marketers are always striving to find new channels for marketing / branding or new ideas / thoughts which could be used for brand name establishment or recall.

Most of the startups have taken the route of physical marketing which was unheard off like putting up banners behind rickshaws or distributing tea cups to vendors across the street.

These ideas don’t generally come up in a cozy meeting room but mostly when people are travelling, hovering over thoughts and suddenly realize that “Yes, we can try this”. The ongoing radio channels, which are the main source of entertainment in cabs during jams, take us through the whole range of ads which are running.

For companies who have taken an oath to solve an existing problem this quality traffic / travel time gives the real sense of the problem.

5. Meet new people and get new insights

We meet many new people while travelling. They can be co-passengers, service providers or some random person on the street.

Two way communication is a good form of time pass whenever we are stuck in traffic or travelling long distance regularly.

It gives each of the person in discussion an insight from the other person’s views. They can agree / disagree with the thoughts, get constructive feedback for their behavior or get a solution for their problem.

So it’s always good to understand how people seek your company / products or the reason for all traffic problems.

6. Set up the plan

Most of us generally travel at least twice a day i.e. while going to office and returning back home. The travel / traffic time can be utilized to plan the entire day or organize the discussions which happened across the day.

7. Write-up

This is a good time for budding writers to pen down their thoughts. They can even complete short stories.

With the advent of social networks like Zomato, Roposo; people can share their experience or provide their feedback for a specific restaurant or comment on the latest fashion trend.

All these networks give opportunities to remain active among like-minded people who share same belief as you and trust your reviews to make an informed decision.

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