7 Benefits of Working with a Startup!

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‘Startup India’ action plan clearly evidences that even Government of India recognizes and acknowledged the importance of well financed startup companies to the economy of the country.

Startups are also great places to work at and even though starting your company is the best thing, working for a young and dynamic startup is a close second.

  • Fresh Vision – Startup Companies are founded upon ideas that are backed by a strong vision.
    Most startups cater to a contemporary world view and address the needs of the time which makes their vision relevant.
    Working in a startup of one’s own liking helps one further that vision to bring about the required change.
  • More Room to contribute – In bigger traditional organizations putting your ideas on the table and bringing about changes is very difficult.
    On the other hand in most Startups, companies follow an open door policy and fresh thinking and innovative ideas are encouraged.
    Your employers might be as new to business as you are and will pay more attention to what your suggestions.
  • New Conception of the Workplace – Startups are also responsible for changing the way we see workplaces.
    Introduction flexi hours, work from home and recreational centres in offices have only become possible due to the flexibility in the organizational space of startups.
  • Less concretized hierarchies – Startup usually function with porous hierarchies where every post and department is accessible to every individual.
    If you are passionate and have new ideas there is nothing that you will not be allowed to do.
  • Work with like-minded people – startups are mostly run and populated by young and dynamic entrepreneurs.
    To be able to work and interact with people from the same age group and world view does not only make the workplace more exciting but also furthers and easy exchange of ideas.
  • Easier to get in – It is easier to find a job in a startup than in a well established company due to easier accessibility to their selection procedures.
    If they like your ideas, startups might also pay you more than other companies.
  • The place for the Jugaadu in you – Startups work on limited financial resources and have to constantly ideate innovative solutions to organizational problems.
    There is never a dull working and you would constantly engaged in crucial discussions where with your skill for jugaad you can suggest solutions that would work in the given time and resource crunch.

Startups is like CoHo allow individuals to work for a strong and driven team and bring the best they have to the table. Making the decision and leaving traditional organizational choices to work in the modern day startups is a decision worthy of the effort. Find the rooms on rent in Gurgaon near Ansal Plaza, Huda City Centre, Galleria Market, IFFCO Chowk, Golf Course Road, Cyber City and many more prime locations!

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2 thoughts on “7 Benefits of Working with a Startup!

  1. Working in a startup gives you a lease to have new thoughts where you can implement it and also see results being delivered in front of you..It gives you a sense of ownership to the task at hand..

  2. They say that aligning yourself with the big players is easy, that they are past their initial struggles and have reached a sort of stable position. But the experience and knowledge you gain from fighting at the front lines with a startup while it’s evolving is unparalleled in its teaching power. You are at the forefront of the struggle and there is no sweeter reward than the one you get after busting yourself up through struggle.

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