6 Things Nightowls Mostly End Up Doing!

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Benjamin Franklin once said ‘Early to bed early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’, but he surely must turn in his grave at the increasing population of night owls in the city.

The quiet and secrecy of the night offers numerous possibilities but funnily enough people staying up at night can also find themselves doing the most random and unproductive activities.

  1. Net Surfing – At night, un-monitored and unfettered there is no one stopping you from spending hours reading- ‘The 8 celebrities who never got a surgery’, ‘the 10 most stupid things that George Bush said’.
    These random tidbits of pseudo information tempt every individual who stays up post 12.
  2. Binge Eating – Turning the refrigerator inside out is an activity common to every household at night.
    You will also find yourself craving for unavailable delicacies like paani puri and chocolate cakes making it even more impossible to rock yourself to sleep.
  3. Stalking people on Facebook – You will keep yourself ‘socially updated’ about the lives of friends and flings you haven’t met in ages.
    Night time is the most potent time to feel jealous of the geek in the class who just became the manager of a big firm.
  4. Calling up random people – Calls from people who can’t sleep at night are worse than calls from the occasionally drunk.
    At least the latter have nonsensical things to say. Making calls at night under the blanket waiting for amazing conversations with half-sleepy people is a jobless night owl’s forte.
  5. Sky gazing – The sky feels more beautiful at night, and sky gazing can turn the most clueless person into a descendant of Socrates.
    A jobless night owl could most easily be found sitting near the window philosophizing about life, reliving memories as they slap away at those occasional mosquitoes who ruin the romantic-ness of the moment.
  6. Watching late night Television – Most nightowls should lock their ATM cards up as they hit the couch for some late night TV.
    Those infomercials are bound to make you believe that your life is worthless without fruit chopper and all your body problems in life can be resolved by a sauna belt that will help you reduce belly fat even as you much three burgers in a go.

CoHo ensures that its residents do not end up doing all the above mundane things with its exciting recreational sections.
Now live up the night with a game of billiards or watch a movie from your to watch list because CoHo takes care of all your whims so that you can stay healthy, wealthy and wise even in the night.
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2 thoughts on “6 Things Nightowls Mostly End Up Doing!

  1. I can so relate myself to this…I am a night owl and two things missed out here watching random TV channels and watching matches…I know people who speak to their girlfriends whole night and that is one of the biggest thing you do being a night owl…

  2. I have a weird habit of watching horror movies at night with lights off (because,bravery) and then when I am unable to sleep later, spend my time on YouTube looking at cat and dog videos to calm myself to sleep (because that woman creeping out of a television in the movies is so calming)

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