6 Things Only Foodie Buddies Can Rejoice

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Friends who appreciate food as much as you do are your true friends. They know that feasting is always a good idea and that happiness indeed comes in a basket of cheese fries. They also get the point that there is no schedule for having breakfast and lunch, it is perfectly correlated with your hunger.

Anytime is a good time to eat! Bad day? Let’s eat. Good day? Let’s eat? You failed? Let’s freaking eat. These friends make for the best friends, and here’s why:

1) They understand when you’re hungry and they take it seriously:

You shouldn’t apologize for what you said when you were hungry because they completely understand.

They respect your need for food and instead of getting pissed at you for being hungry as hell, they’re either ordering from the nearest take-out place or driving you to wherever you wish to eat.

2) They will never judge you for how much food you order:

Life is filled with hard decisions; choosing what entree to order should not be one of them. There’s a mutual understanding that you can order two appetizers and a main course without feeling ashamed.

3) You always have something to do together:

The best way to bond is to bond over food. Your friend is always ready to try new places and new cuisines, which makes for the best adventures. There’s something about sharing a plate of Shahi paneer that leads to the best chats and even deeper friendship bonds.

4) They know that food calories are sometimes better than drinking calories:

Staying in and eating together is always encouraged by your foodie friends. It’s totally fine with them if you’re not in the mood to go out drinking because you’re saving drinking calories, which means you have so much room for food calories. Brownie point to it since fried rice doesn’t come with a hangover!

5) Ordering at least five plates of food is the norm:

“Let’s just order everything on the menu and share” is basically your motto. You aren’t sure about those two specials of the day, but you know you can count on the regular menu, so you’ll just have them all. Brilliant!

6) They know your favorite dish and how it can make everything better:

Whether it is something great that needs to be celebrated or something horrible for which you need some comfort, they will be there with a plate of stuffed Paranthas. Food fixes everything and they know that, but more importantly they know your favorite order and favorite restaurant.

Foodie buddies be the best, always and forever.

You must be hungry after reading this, so go out to your favorite place, be it Cyber hub or anywhere on Golf course road and enjoy the deliciousness.

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4 thoughts on “6 Things Only Foodie Buddies Can Rejoice

  1. To have foodie buddies is of great help as you can easily hangout with them and also have food of your choice without thinking of them..

  2. Haha..this is what I feel with my roommate… We both are ultimate foodies. We bonded over food. We literally order food anytime , can be 8 pm, can be 4 am as well…

  3. I had a sandwich buddy earlier during hostel days, we would continue experimenting with the different ways and ingredients of making a sandwich. We would come up with totally random and sometimes unsavory creations. But the important thing was how well we understood each others food needs. They say that food unites, and i can vouch for that first hand.

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