6 Reasons Why Delhi University Is the Dream


Hear, child … for the bells ring with the mighty sound that accompanies the words: Delhi University! Running through the veins of the capital City, Delhi, DU’s place remains unquestionable as thirsty students find themselves at the ghats year after year. Founded in 1922, the University is known for its excellent faculty and curriculum – offering a wholesome experience to its students and researchers. Famously parted by location, north campus and south campus house the best colleges that fall under proud constituency of DU. From St. Stephen’s College to Lady Shri Ram College, one could count names a plenty that have made it to the top with undying efforts and an unchallenged reputation.

With cutoffs going as high as 99 percentile, it is no shock that it is indeed every student’s dream to land on a campus that falls under the Delhi University dynasty. Adding on to the lineage each year, ambitious students from all over the country apply for courses in arts, science, commerce and business education at the University that has been topping the charts since time immemorial. To relish in the tradition that has birthed many intellectuals, we bring to you a list of all the reasons why Delhi University holds that very throne, unparalleled!


  1. Easy On the Pockets

One of the best aspects about an education imparted at Delhi University is the negligible fee structure! The nominal fee that a student pays each year is only a few thousands as opposed to the lacs one has to expend at private institutions. One of the biggest perks of studying at a government institute is the money one can save while receiving the best education in the country!

To help students coming from backward or economically weaker backgrounds, the University has provisions and innumerable scholarships to offer! One no longer needs to be bound by the shackles of a flawed academic structure with DU opportunities abound.

Add to that a nescafe canteen, dirt cheap canteen food and mind blowing snacks that one finds at sarkaari college campuses, sigh… let’s just say you’d never want to leave.


  1. A Much Adored Alma Mater

Students who walk out of colleges under Delhi University carry with them a flair unbeatable. The pride academics are fostered by an environment of growth, masti and the best years of their college life. A name that makes its competitors writhe with awe, DU is a brand in itself that helps its students lead a fulfilling professional life. From job opportunities to career escalation, companies and organisations believe in the brand name that Delhi University is and what it upholds, making them pick the best out of the lot!

  1. Erm… Baadshah?

Well, it’s no secret that our Dil ka Chor, Shah Rukh Khan was one of the talented alumni that walked the halls of Delhi University. Amitabh Bachchan, Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi are some of those big names that have forever kindled an undying spirit that burns in the brilliance of Delhi University. DU’s alumni is one of its strongest selling points in a world so competitive, making it one of the best universities is the living proof that these exceptional personalities are.

  1. The Much Awaited Fests!

-Screams with joy-

Yes, it is blasphemous to talk of Delhi University without mentioning the university culture! From year round investment in co-curricular activities, intra and inter-college competitions to the eternal sibling rivalry between north and south campus – it is jannat to say the least. The college fests that are held each year during the spring season are something that students and residents of Delhi NCR wait for. Exceptional food, celebrity nights, unnerving debating competitions and thrilling performances by students – it’s a mini world in itself that goes to party every year. We challenge you to work your best dance moves as you simultaneously try to stuff on a pizza!

  1. The Colleges

We saved the best for the last. The historical wonders that make the campuses are the most prominent highlight of Delhi University. Each campus being founded on the genius of remarkable persons, it is no surprise that these colleges are tough to get into as every student tries their best to bag a seat. Whatever you’ve heard about the poise of LSR women or the aptitude of SRCC’s masterminds is true. These colleges are some of the best in the country, it is safe to assume that going to DU is nothing short of the best investment in academics ever!


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I'm a thaasophobic bibliophile. And I really like big words. Running the final lap of the CA race. A proud DU grad, currently trying to prove that a career in writing can exist! Author of two published books, with a third one on the way.

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6 Reasons Why Delhi University Is the Dream
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6 Reasons Why Delhi University Is the Dream
Hear, child … for the bells ring with the mighty sound that accompanies the words: Delhi University! Running through the veins of the capital City, Delhi, DU’s place remains unquestionable as thirsty students find themselves at the ghats year after year.
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