6 Problems Faced By Daily Commuters

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Whether you are a student or a working professional, travelling has become an extremely essential part of everybody’s life. If you are one

of those unfortunate people who commute daily you know that even though transportation has increased mobility it still manages to bring creases to your forehead. These are a few problems that daily commuter faces:

  1. The persistent staring – Apart from all the social reasons why a lot of times women and also men get stared at, there is also that ever pertinent reason- boredom.
    There is very less to do if you are travelling by public transport and people invariably creep you out by staring at you and making you wonder whether you have a milk moustache from the morning’s coffee.
  2. Keeping the cellphone in check – Constantly feeling your backpack and your pockets to reassure yourself of the safety of your gadgets can be particularly annoying.
    Especially when your touch eludes the gadget and for a moment your heart leaps to your throat, settling back only when you do a panic search and finally locate it.
  3. Smoke on your face – Not relevant to those who use the metro but if you are travelling by rickshaw or buses smoke both from cigarette smokers and vehicle exhausts will ensure that your you never travel without holding your breath.
  4. People breathing down your neck – With too many people always moving around finding an isolated spot on public transport is a dream perpetually deferred. Moving with the herd takes on a literal manifestation when the crowd carries you wherever it is moving.
  5. Waiting for eternity – The worst aspect of travelling is waiting because you aren’t actually moving and the time that you spend looking out for that rickshaw, bus or metro is wasted time that you will never get back.
  6. Mobile network issues – Dare not pick up a phone when you are travelling because you’ll just end up saying hello a gazillion times and look like an utter fool.

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  1. If you are in a Mumbai Local, then the body odour….ewwww…It really stings and you can’t even take your face away..And then there will be one person who will be the loudest and will be wanting to shut his mouth but in vain..

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