5 Reasons Why There’s No Place Like Gargi College


Established in 1967, this academic wonder is not famous for its pedagogy and its superb teaching staff alone; located right in the middle of Green Park (literally the only place in Delhi where you can hope for a breather!), Gargi college has a lot to offer to inquisitive minds of fresher’s. Famous for its courses in arts and sciences, this south campus college is one of the best that Delhi University has on its list.

A 5-minute auto ride from green park metro station and Hauz Khas metro station, it is located in one of the most beautiful corners of south Delhi. You’re in luck, newbies, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 reasons why you should be overjoyed upon being associated with Gargi college (besides the obvious air of feminism, freedom, zero tolerance for patriarchy and women power hell yes!).

1. The Infrastructure

We know, we know! All Delhi university colleges pride in their artistic infrastructure, but Gargi college has taken it a notch higher with its campus! Seriously, try visiting the premises for a cold coffee and that stroll would leave you pretty much dumbfounded as you realise how quaint and pretty the campus is. From sports grounds, separate buildings for different streams, a brilliant audi to the canteen;

Whoever came up with that design – thank you, people of god.


2. Plenty of Societies to choose from!

Pretty much all colleges offer a number of societies to hone your creative skills – Gargi college isn’t too far behind in the race either. From the popular dance society Nazakhat to Kshitij, the street play one, you have a plethora of different avenues you could try out and work on to up your CV in your time here. And what’s better than that, really?

3. The Food!

Pretty much answered the question ourselves, didn’t we? (Heh) Yep, the food tops the list, certainly! Roadside chole kulche, green park market, tandoori momos and mind-boggling sandwiches with that chilled paper glass of ice-tea from Nescafe … somebody, please help.

The pain of going to college and the suffering that every person must endure as a student is half alleviated by the food itself, and happy to be us, Gargi college campus comes with plenty of options to soothe the hungry tummy!


4. The … ehm … Library

Got you, didn’t we? But, honestly folks, however infamous those walls housing books may be – believe it or not, they come as a place of solace to Gargi college students! Barring the fine cycles, the air-conditioned library (read that right) is home to a great collection, with computer cubicles for research work as well. Unleash the nerd inside to grow with the help of these resources and make ze ma-baap proud.


5. Placements

Practically the most useful topic on the list, eh? -nods in empathy-

The struggle sure is real for someone who sticks to anything but mainstream courses like engineering, and colleges that offer campus placements to their kids are the absolute beneficiary of our loyalties! Hotshots like KPMG and Deloitte visit campus every season for placements and the packages are sure pretty damn enticing! What a relief – now you can shut those relatives up who cringe at the fact that you aren’t a doctor. Right, girls?


The one thing that we forgot to mention, and happens to be an absolute must for the college graduate is the love of home! What’s all of this worth if you can’t go back to a sweet and secure place of your own? Check out Coho.in for affordable and beautiful rooms that come with kind flatmates and a feeling of belongingness on lonesome nights. Coho brings you the most comforting of homes along with a well-woven south campus community – pack your bags and make it to Gargi college, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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5 Reasons Why There’s No Place Like Gargi College
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5 Reasons Why There’s No Place Like Gargi College
Gargi college has a lot to offer to freshers. Famous for its courses in arts and sciences, this south campus college is one of the best.
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