5 reasons why you should move to North Campus!


Glorious campuses to help work idle bones, brilliant food to devour with those lustful, student eyes, and an unparalleled academia – Delhi University is quite the wonder! Some of the best colleges in the country, the league of St. Stephens, Ramjas, Campus Law Centre, Kirori Mal … you get the point, collectively makes up north campus within  a mere kilometre radius of each other.

As a student at Delhi University, you know it’s no joke when you’re caught splitting hairs trying to decide the best thing about North Campus. Fret not, dear bachelors. Hold your horses cause we bring to you a list of all the reasons you need to make the most of your university life! It’s no surprise that North Campus is something that stands out; allow us to introduce you to the world of absolute joy.


-Dramatically wipes away tears-

A wise wise old sage once said: when you are inundated with assignments, the only thing that’ll helps you get through the year is to be in unison with the utter beauty nature has to offer. Don’t delay your nirvana by a day! Our number one reason to move to north campus has to be the innumerable quirky cafes that glamorize GTB Nagar.

Hudson Lane, Vijay Nagar and the university campus itself – with a thousand options to suit your taste, you’ll never be left wandering the streets on an unhappy stomach. From Big Yellow Door to Rico’s, GTB nagar tops the list for all university goers for the sheer delight one experiences at the sight of endless food chains.

And the only thing possible to make it better for you? Moving right next to it! A 5 minutes E-rickshaw ride to the Delhi university campus and walking distance to GTB Nagar and metro station, Hudson Lane is the top preference for accommodation. With rents up to 10-12k a month per room, it certainly is a hotspot for DU students.




Haye! Walking down to McDonald’s or KFC in between class break on rich days, and to Momo’s Point when broke – Kamla Nagar market has a nostalgia like quality to it. The popular linking road lookalike marketplace is the Sarojini of the north that’s responsible for filling up our closets and tummies with happiness! Newest of styles and cheapest of prices, ah, sounds like therapy!

It also comes with a thousand accommodation options for students. Walking distance from the university campus and Malka Ganj, and 5 minutes to Vishwavidyalaya metro station, you’ll find students crowding the place at any hour. With rents up to 15k per person, it’s popular for the endless hostel style Pgs standing tall in the streets.




Gon on, go on … we know you want to take a long sigh. A beautiful residential area, close vicinity to the marketplace, absolute quietude and a walk at the lake every morning. Yes, that’s the life any person would kill for. And if you’re looking at student life in North Campus, this Naini Lake that is to be found in Model Town should be the ideal!


5 minutes walking distance to Model Town metro station and 10 minutes to the university campus, it remains as one of the most desirable places to visit and reside in for university students. Although the rents could be slightly higher than those of GTB, it proves to be worth it at 13-14k per room.



How does a 9-12 for 75 rupees, Dolby sound, HD video and an ambience that trumps any PVR of your capitalistic ideals sound like? We’re sure there are a lot of high-end malls competing when it comes to this, but nothing quite beats Amba! Shakti Nagar is pretty close to Delhi University and comes with the very adored spark mall! With amazing housing facilities at a mere 10-12k for a room and easy commute to the university by auto or GTB metro station, Shakti Nagar proves to be an option worth considering.



All else fades when it comes to praising the mighty DU campus – the ridge, the cafes, the campus canteen, the libraries, the cheap books and the gediyan. One gets to bask in the glory of those easy perks that are a given when it comes to being a student at DU.

5 minutes distance to GTB and vishwavidyalaya metro station and residential options in and around north campus (Adarsh Nagar, Shakti Nagar, Hudson, Kamla nagar, GTB Nagar, Model Town …), one has a gazillion choices one could pick from to enjoy the most of their time in college. After all, life’s too short to worry about a late night delivery when your favourite cafe is waiting to ring the bell!


Enticing this, apart from the arduous hours spent at college campuses and libraries trying to get your grades right, there must come some respite in the form of home!Coho.in understands the predicament you might be in when you’re stuck looking for an affordable, homely and luxurious accommodation. You don’t have to look too far, little one. Pack your bags and let us help you adjust to this colourful world called university life.

We bring to you the best rooms in north campus to help facilitate what is going to be the best years of your life! Check out coho.in for a home away from home, and go take that walk down Hudson Lane, never miss a lecture again, and never worry about making it to the metro station before rush hours – knowing that you’re coming back to security and comfort.     

Shriya Garg

I'm a thaasophobic bibliophile. And I really like big words. Running the final lap of the CA race. A proud DU grad, currently trying to prove that a career in writing can exist! Author of two published books, with a third one on the way.

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5 reasons why you should move to North Campus!
Article Name
5 reasons why you should move to North Campus!
Glorious campuses to help work idle bones, brilliant food to devour with those lustful, student eyes, and an unparalleled academia - North Campus, Delhi University is quite the wonder!

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