5 Problem with College Admissions These Days

Has it been a couple of months after you have submitted your university applications or you are yet to fill one? Focus on the better part and think of the future, finding yourself thinking? The admission process of the college has changed drastically over the period of time. Even though with the advent of globalisation and the digital revolution, the college admission process has been reshaped – college admissions has truly gotten out of hand.

Students fill up new admission form at Arts Facelty for the graduation courses in north campus in New Delhi on June 18/2012 Photo By Qamar Sibtain

Certain solutions to problems like – Rather than misleading the students of their chances at getting admitted, they should offer specific information to students in an attempt to help the applicants make the best match. It needs to be amended.

If you have made a great choice for your college – you certainly must have faced these problems.

  • The manual admission process blows of the applicant chance of admission

The paper based process during the time of an admission is very time consuming. With large number of students waiting in line to get enrolled, usually blows up their chance in filing the application form. The whole process is time consuming, stressful and error prone.

  • No easy and convenient track of academic record

The process of maintaining the records of every student is efficient. The whole makes it difficult for the student to get access to quick, easy as well as accurate reports.

  • Financial issues in college life

The issue in regard to financial has always been an integrated part of the problem. It is specifically prevalent in today’s time where the cost, be it for admission or to study abroad, has risen multi –fold.

Spending a good sum on studying has become a necessity – including the fees, syllabus books, notes, accommodation.

  • Counselling and Guidance to Students

Counselling is the service which is offered to the individual to unfold the problem, gain an insight in to the complex situation. Students have a problem and needs professional help to overcome it. It involves a lot of time but bridge the gap between students and the school administration. It guides the students through their problems through a proper counselling.

  • Competitiveness

There is no surprise that the whole world is competitive and right from conception till death, every person has to face competition which is extremely high. Students have to compete to get admissions. They have to compete to prove themselves in their school. Students face the biggest competition during the time of admissions. It leaves them in a stressful situation and is a biggest challenging factor.


You got to be in, because you need to make a change and bring a difference in your career. Here is how you can succeed taking a step of the above problems and committing yourself to a successful life. The best way to deal with any problem or challenge is to meet it head on. Ignore challenges at your peril.


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5 Problem with College Admissions These Days
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5 Problem with College Admissions These Days
Has it been a couple of months after you have submitted your university applications or you are yet to fill one?
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