25 Things to Help You Survive Delhi University


An overwhelming amount of notes, running late for lectures, an unbelievably low attendance, grades, submissions, caffeine overdoses and sleepless nights … sigh! College can be really tough, and we must concede.

-nods in solidarity-

But don’t you worry, fellow delhi-ites, we’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled a list of 25 absolute musts to help you get through those wonderful years of Delhi University.

  1. Kamla Nagar ke momos and Maggi

If you need to take a stroll in between classes – you know where to go! The market remains a famous point for Delhi University students, especially those going to north campus, because of its peculiarly low-priced eating joints, and mind-blowing momos and Maggi.

Closest metro station: Vishwavidyalaya.



  1. Cheap books

You no longer need to order expensive books from Amazon or Flipkart; just another one of the thousand perks of residing in Delhi! Mark your Sunday free and go to Daryaganj market to explore a plethora of cheap books – both fiction and scholarly!

Closest metro station: Chawri Bazaar.



  1. Hudson Lane – North Campus

From Big Yellow Door to Cafeteria and Co, Hudson Lane is the lifeline of north campus! Highlighting the area, this is the first hangout preference for students. Innumerable unconventional cafes and joints, it makes the perfect destination for someone who needs a day off.

Closest metro station: GTB nagar.



  1. Satya Niketan – South Campus

The Hudson of south campus, Satya Niketan is a super lit marketplace with the best affordable chains and cafes, targeting students and families from around the area. Perfect ambience, breathable air and haseen locality! All that you need to take a rewarding break from the unspoken pressure that comes with being a student.

Closest metro station: Racecourse, or Moti Bagh.

  1. Hunger strike, Amar colony

Just the thought of those unbeatable, beautiful momos brings us to tears! A blessing of god itself, there’s no other place loved by students of south campus as much as Hunger Strike.

Closest metro station- Lajpat Nagar, Moolchand.


  1. GK – M Block

South Campus kids swear by the magic of Greater Kailash market. Famous for its locality and masala sodas, the M-block market is filled with brilliant eating joints (from MyBar to Dunkin Donuts) and street shopping options. It makes for a great evening walk with college buds to shop and eat the stresses of the day away.

Closest metro station: Kalkaji or Kailash Colony

  1. Nehru Place

The perfect party destination with Social, Lord of the Drinks, and other famous clubs also comes to save the day when you end up breaking your phone. To avoid delaying a repair, take your dying appliances and objects to Nehru place market for a quick revival to life.

Closest metro station: Kalkaji, Nehru Place.

  1. Metro stations

Download the DMRC app to never miss your metro station, and find which one is closest to your college campus and other destinations. The cheapest and most convenient way to travel in Delhi, believe us guys, metro is going to save your life when you almost reach late for class – but then you don’t. Smirk, smirk.

  1. Sarojini Nagar ke kapde

Pretty much every woman of India is aware of the allure of Sarojini Nagar. Cheapest prices, brilliant styles – Sarojini is where you go shopping in bulk, guys! So get your shopping shoes on and go for your seasonal shopping at the earliest.



Closest metro station: INA

  1. College fests

One of the perks of going to Delhi University is that you get to attend as well as participate in all the university fests! LSR, Kamla Nehru, SRCC, Miranda … practically all DU colleges compete and celebrate cultural diversity and intellectual genius at these fests.

  1. Cinema halls near campuses

From Ritz (Kashmere Gate) to Amba Cinema (Shakti Nagar), and of course, DLF in Saket, you must be well aware of the closest cinema hall to your Delhi University campus – we all need those 3 hours long weekend breaks from studies.

Closest metro stations: Kashmere gate, GTB Nagar, Saket, Malviya nagar.

  1. Budgeting

This is an absolute must for everybody who wishes to survive in a fast city like Delhi! Use apps like Splitwise and Monefy to help manage your expenses well and keep your savings in check. After all, how else will you plan those little trips to Mcleodganj and Kasol?



  1. Events

You must always keep a tab on the latest events, and there are multiple that are conducted throughout the city over the entirety of a year. Go mingle, learn, and find a thousand things to keep you busy – working those brain cells with creative genius. Check out Insider and BookMyShow for latest events.

  1. Date nights

Work on a list for those adorable date nights that help you get through everything abysmal! SDA market fairs well for beautiful ambience – and wonderful cafes in MKT in North Delhi for the rest. Whatever your pick, find your favourite go-to places for these little spaces of joy to foster.

  1. Binge-watching

We’re not going to lie to you, you’re going to come back home exhausted and with no quantum of energy to exist – that’s where an Amazon/ Netflix subscription will help you escape the plight of the day. And it’s going to be totally worth it! Plus, it makes lazy winter weekends a thousand times better.



  1. Easy peasy Cooking skills

Trust us, guys. We know for a fact that you can’t survive on Maggi. Just trust us on that.

So, some basic and easy cooking skills would definitely come in handy considering that there are going to be nights you’ll be dismally hungry and dreading your existence. Eggs, anyone?

  1. Simple life hacks

We know, we know – this bit absolutely sucks when it turns into a yelling session at home. But if you need to get by on your own in Delhi, you’ve got to learn some basic tricks! Some simple life hacks when it comes to food, clothes, storage … basically, jugaad. Now that you’re a Delhi University kid, we’re sure you’re going to be great at it.

  1. Fitness comes first!

Find the closest track or park to exercise daily, and work those lazy bones guys! Lodhi Garden to DDA park, Delhi University campuses is surrounded by such wonders for your daily workout. Go gain some and work on your fitness to help keep your physical strength in check and mental peace intact!



  1. Work that CV

Along with coursework, you could pick up a freelance or volunteering opportunity to help add-on experience to your CV and find out what works best for you. Check out websites like Twenty19 and Internshala for the same!

  1. Co-curriculars

Join a society that is akin to your tastes and your college years are going to swing by in a jiffy! Find what you love and you’re going to love going to Delhi University! From music to theatre, it’ll be a wonderful learning experience and you could use the endorphins.

  1. Basic needs

Where to get water bottles from for refills, a regular milk-anda-bread supply and contact numbers of all the people who come to help when in need. If you’re living on your own, having the contacts of electricians, water suppliers, plumbers, etc are going to help you a great deal to help manage your life better and save time.

  1. Hauz Khas village

There are going to be days aplenty when you’ll need to dance the stress away, and for those nights – Hauz Khas village is your saviour. With famous nightclubs such as Social, Imperfecto, Moonshine etc., HKV comes with a gazillion bright and loud joints to go to help move those limbs to a beat.

Closest metro station: Hauz Khas, Green Park

  1. A crush – yes!

If your arduous coursework is getting the best of you, finding an eye-candy – fictional or otherwise – will help you get through those tough phases and sporadic moments of loneliness. So go out, binge-watch or use Tinder, but don’t let death and despair enter your life when you get to be 13 all over again, rejoicing over a picture of Milind Soman. -drools all over-



  1. 24*7 Food supply

You’re going to thank your stars when you’re out late partying or starving to death in your cold dingy room! Be well aware of all the 24*7 eating joints in and around your area to help save you from dying on a growling tummy. AIIMS ke paranthe, 24*7 ke hotdogs and dhabas are going to help you there.

  1. Place near campus

Closest places in North campus: Kamla Nagar, GTB Nagar, Hudson Lane, Shakti Nagar.

Closest places in South campus: Green Park, Malviya Nagar, Lajpat Nagar and Defence Colony.

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25 Things to Help You Survive Delhi University
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25 Things to Help You Survive Delhi University
College can be really tough! We’ve compiled a list of 25 absolute musts to help you get through those wonderful years of Delhi University.
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