16 Best Pranks to Play on Your Flatmate on April Fools Day

Aprils Fools Day, also called as the All Fool’s Day is an annual celebration in most of the European countries. This day is celebrated on 1st April and the day is commemorated by playing different types of pranks and jokes. The people who fall prey to these pranks are exposed by shouting out “April Fool.”

We are not sure about its origin; however, this day is commemorated and is believed to have as a transition of season to season; whilst the others believe it to have it originated from a adoption of a new calendar. It is said that our ancestors – The Hindus and even the Romans celebrated their new year’s day on or around 1 st April; as it closely follows the vernal equinox.

Though there is no legal holiday on this day, it is celebrated all around the world with full zeal and spark. This day is commenced by playing pranks on people, friends or family. Normally you tend to become more skeptical on this day as the majority of the people are involved in playing some or the other sort of pranks. Friends or no friends, even your neighbors’ may try to tickle your funny bone by playing a prank on you or by cracking jokes or probably a hoax of some kind.

So how did this tradition begin? We are actually totally unaware about this fact and this still remains a mystery as to how do the celebration of the April Fools’ Day begin. But this is a real fact that people enjoy playing pranks with all the craziness on this day.

  • The toothpaste treat trick


A trick that you can’t say no to! Here, all you need is a toothpaste and all time favorite Oreo’s. Use toothpaste instead of cream on the Oreo biscuit and serve it to your family and friend! Then see what happens. Imagine ? That ugly taste disappointed their faces & the realisation that you have been pranked with toothpaste.

It’s one of the most funny and known April fools day trick now-a-days. But, still works!

  • Tell them their screen is fractured

First step to doing any trick is to find a way to trick! Download a high-resolution picture of a fractured screen and set the image as a display on their computer. If your co-workers uses a desktop computer instead of a laptop, you could make easily to prank them unplugging their keyboard and mouse.

  • Light crawler


Those creepy crawlers, who everyone’s afraid off.  The light crawler idea is one of the a simple kind, yet the most creative prank. You can easily fool your friends & laugh your heart out picturing their faces! You can find out these light crawler online. Order them and enjoy your flatmates and shout –  happy april fools day.

  • Toilet prank


Your friends realize that you inside on Toilet, when you make that stupid funny mischief’s! So guise applied it to your home  or hostel on this coming April fools days! Your family or friend seriously get shocked .

  • Make a sound prank by adding an mini mike to their seat


The first step is to find out where your friend is seated most of the time. Then, add a mini mike in their seat. When they sit down on your load of craziness, the seat will make amazing noise of whom everybody couldn’t resist laughing. If he takes it well – he will too! And you will enjoy this without much of a doubt.

  • Throw them a surprise balloon party


Why not try some creative and innovative idea to make this april fools day more special to your family and friends. Throw a decorated balloon party and surprise them. This prank would surely take your mind away as well as your roommate – they will feel special for your mischief behavior.

  • The Shampoo is Oil, Or is it not Prank

Take out all your roommates shampoo from the container and fill it with a baby oil. Just like those of that Sherlock tricks you would play the part. You won’t believe how much fun it is to see your roomie’s hair so slick even after the wash – almost as he seems like those sleek men .

  • Give your flatmate’s car a bright new paint job


You can play this prank ideas to your friends this April and make it one of those moments where he has the worst experience. When they find out that you have made their car covered with something fancy like those of sticky notes. They will be amazed. It’s surely going to be those time when they wouldn’t go ahead taking ‘No Revenge’. Be careful but you would still have a moment captured of how funny it would be.

  • Introduce them to mayonnaise-filled donuts

    caramal-taste-buds awesome-pranks-mayo-donut-flatmate-coho

Do you like mayonnaise? Fill mayonnaise instead of cream when you make donut for them. Be careful! It’s not that you give them donut everyday. It might be fishy, but you can certainly pull off the task.  It is surely like give a donut a sour taste or may be a flavored one . They are surely to get mad or feel disgusted on date – eating mayonnaise-filled donuts isn’t something how they would have planned their day ahead.

  • Wanna have an ice, or no ice cream


If your roommate has a craving for ice cream and has got ice cream in the fridge. Why not make the best use of that – Empty the container and enjoy your time feeding on the ice cream. When your roommate indulges in the moment to enjoy his delightful ice cream – you better be ready with your camera to check out his face!

  • Shaving Cream on Floor


Completely cover the floor in the fragrant shaving cream. It is super cheap and super easy, plus an added bonus that it is not hard to clean up.

  • Delight their taste buds with caramel onions


Get indulged in another feasty- feast activity with your flatmate. Collect some onions and cover them with caramel sugar and freeze it. Served these delicious delicacy to your friends and the amazing moment of your friends mouth filled with those awful taste ever.

  • Wake Up in Unexpected Places


If your friend’s a heavy sleeper or among them who utterly passes out and doesn’t have any idea. You might wake him up and get him asleep in a bunker or somewhere strange. If pulled correctly, it can be something amazing of its kind – and see him completely lost and scared when he wakes up.

  • The hidden alarm

Hide your housemates alarm clock in their bed and set it to go off quietly at stupid o’ clock in the morning. This would make them crazy! But you would have piece of your fun.

  • Put a Dead Thing in Their Cereal

Putting a dead think, maybe a soft furry spider isn’t a big of a deal.  This works well, if you have a girl mate. Notice their reaction and enjoy the fun!

  • Put a Fake Person In their Bed


Get a realistic looking mannequin and sneak them into the bed of your friend. You can also make the mannequin’s face scary and capture them waking up in the night screaming with unexpected strange voice.

All it needs is a little creativity to pull off a prank on your flatmate that you would never forget.


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16 Best Pranks to Play on Your Flatmate on April Fools Day
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16 Best Pranks to Play on Your Flatmate on April Fools Day
Aprils Fools Day, also called as the All Fool’s Day is an annual celebration in most of the European countries. This day is celebrated on 1st April and the day is commemorated by playing different types of pranks and jokes.
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