Live the CoHo Life with

  • Comfort

    Spacious AC bedrooms with classy decor ensures that you always feel at home and at ease.

  • Convenience

    Forget about repairs, housekeeping, internet, power woes, maintenance and be care-free.

  • Community

    Enjoy the recreational lounges, fun filled events and sessions with like-minded residents.

Share & experience the lounge and recreational facilities with CoHo community.

My experience at CoHo is beyond words. A hassle free living experience.

The service is like you are in a good hotel and that too affordable. So its making life really good and hassle-free for me.

CoHo will rescue many people from the ramshackle PG accommodations found all around.

I just came back here after spending a week at home for Diwali vacation & trust me

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Our online concierge on our Resident App takes care of all your concerns so that you live a hassle-free living.


  • Shuttl
  • Max Healthcare
  • Uber
  • Beer Cafe
  • Foodpanda
  • Kingdom of Dreams
  • InnerChef
  • Burger Singh

Explore CoHo in your city!

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